Zhu Jiaming leads the top scholars in digital finance, saying that Libra is a new financial experiment | New book release

Recently, under the advocacy of the famous economist Professor Zhu Jiaming, the Digital Assets Institute joined hands with top ten scholars in the digital economy, including Wang Hao, Wang Yongli, Shao Yu, Cai Weide, Hu Jie, Yuan Dao, Meng Yan and Shao Qing. Completed the first monograph of Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment in the Chinese Journal of Digital Economy in 2019, and purchased the link: https://k.weidian.com/aCwH38Ci.

In addition, this Saturday (August 10th), Zhu Jiaming and the new book creation team held the "Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment" Reading Forum and New Book Launch Conference at the China University of Political Science and Law. The event registration link: https://www.huodongxing .com/event/8504650652500

Zhu Jiaming said, "If bitcoin is difficult to influence the world economy in all aspects, Libra has obvious possibilities, resulting in systematic and chain changes including financial models, taxation fiscal systems and business models."