Ma Zhaofeng, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: Using the blockchain to achieve fair and efficient bidding

According to the China Government Procurement News, Ma Zhaofeng, director of the Joint Laboratory of Blockchain and Safety Technology of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said that the application of blockchain technology to tenders was recently held at the "Internet +" bidding procurement technology innovation results promotion and exchange meeting. The bidding platform, the current plan is as follows: First, in the large alliance chain, the core platform and other trading platform nodes form a sub-chain. In this way, on the one hand, the main body selects nodes to conduct business on demand, and the intelligent contract can read data across sub-chains; on the other hand, under the premise of multi-party consensus, reduce the amount of data and improve transaction efficiency. Second, the main file is stored in a relational database, in which the tamper-proof information is placed on the alliance chain. The historical record of the subject's winning bid and performance has already existed in each sub-chain. In the pre-qualification, bid evaluation and other aspects, the tamper-proof information can only be read through the sub-chain through the contract, and other information can be read directly from the main library. The third is the planning of other scenarios. The process of constraining bid opening, bid evaluation and calibration is carried out according to the specified time limit; controlling the access rights of the electronic bid documents, and the process of unblocking the records needs to be completed on the alliance chain; automatically setting up the bid evaluation committee to complete the part of the bid evaluation process. Calculation; standardize the return of the bid bond and record the performance information.