Bitland’s clarification statement on the “Mango Coin MGC” fraudulent use of the Bitland brand

According to the official blog of Bitcoin, in response to the recent use of the Bitland brand, the sale of products such as “Bit Continental Cloud Mining Machine” and the promotion of “Mango Coin MGC” on its related websites, APPs and clients. . Bitcoin's official Weibo issued a statement today: 1. The website of the “Mango Coin MGC”, APP, social media account, WeChat group, QQ group, etc. are all non-bital mainland business channels or platforms, and Bitland has no connection with the project. . 2. The “Bit Continental Cloud Mining Machine” appearing on all platforms of “Mango Coin MGC” is not a Bit Continental product. 3. Please pay attention to the service subject when purchasing products, make rational decisions, and guard against risks. 4. For any act that fraudulently uses the "Bit Continental" brand and the name of the Bit Continental, it will resolutely adopt relevant legal means to safeguard its own and customer rights.