CCF Blockchain Committee S Xueming: In the next three years, the blockchain will be widely distributed in the real economy.

This article is from the professor of Fudan University and the director of the China Computer Society Blockchain Special Committee, Xueming, at the first FinTech Day blockchain sub-forum of Weizhong Bank. The topic of the speech: "Thinking on the development of blockchain industry and application" . Summary of speeches: current status and trends of blockchain industry development at home and abroad; current status and trends of China's blockchain application development; thinking about the development of blockchain industry and application.

Development Status and Trend of Blockchain Industry at Home and Abroad

The status quo and trend of the development of blockchain industry at home and abroad, everyone in the room should be relatively clear, I will introduce the general situation.

Development status of international blockchain industry

  • Internationally, developed countries have carried out blockchain research and application from a strategic perspective;
  • Multinational giants have laid out the technology development and application of blockchains;
  • Foreign open source organizations vigorously promote the innovation and development of blockchain technology;
  • The global blockchain application ecology covers all aspects of the economy and society;
  • Well-known foreign universities have strengthened blockchain theory research and talent cultivation.

▲ This is the blockchain investment situation. In the past year, the number and growth rate of blockchain project financing, in July and August of 2018, the number is relatively large, and then entered a relatively low tide period from April this year. There has been a big increase in growth.

▲ This is the financing amount and growth rate of the project. It can be seen that there is a relatively large growth in May this year.

▲ This is the top 10 global blockchain project financing from January to June this year. We have seen that China is 71, ranking first, with 64 in the United States and 19 in the United Kingdom. From the distribution of financing, 10 million to 100 million accounted for 36%, and more than 100 million yuan had 24 projects, accounting for 11%.

▲ This is the global blockchain patent application. By 2018, the number is 8996. In the main forum in the morning, we are very happy to see that the number of patents shared by Weizhong Bank is already the fifth among global banks. This is not easy. I believe that there are quite a few patents in the blockchain.

▲ This is the distribution of the blockchain financing amount, the most is the technology development, trading platform, other applications, financial services, digital currency, entertainment social network, digital wallet and blockchain underlying network.

Development Status of China's Blockchain Industry

In October 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the White Paper on China's Blockchain Technology and Application Development. It should be said that this is the first introduction to the blockchain from the ministry level.

In December 2016, the blockchain was first written as a strategic frontier technology in the Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the National Informationization Plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan.

In May 2018, General Secretary Xi’s academic intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, Internet of Things, and blockchain represented the next generation of information technology at the academician assembly of the two academies. This reflects the central level of blockchain technology. Recognition.

From the perspective of the entire industry, the government has comprehensively laid out blockchain innovation and industrial promotion . By January of this year, more than 26 provinces and cities across the country had issued blockchain-related policies. In this year's government work report, Fujian, Yunnan, Chongqing, and Fuzhou provinces will develop blockchain technology and industry into the 2019 government work report to develop the blockchain industrial chain layout.

Blockchain technology innovation and application research and development flourished, domestic blockchain enterprises have begun to take shape, and Internet giants have laid out blockchains in advance. China has already possessed the underlying platform of blockchain with core technology. Like FISCO BCOS mentioned by everyone, it is the underlying platform of blockchain with core technology.

In addition, in the development of blockchain standards, China has already taken the lead in the world . The Electronic Standards Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Institute of Information and Communication have done a lot of work in this area. The blockchain technology has been in the banking, insurance, and supply chains. The fields such as electronic bills have been verified by applications.

The research and service foundation of the blockchain of universities and R&D institutions is solid . Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have successively established blockchain alliances to promote the development of blockchains. There are currently 62 blockchain research institutes in China, which are distributed in 15 cities. There are already 10 universities in China that carry out blockchain courses.

From the perspective of the entire industry, the ecology of the blockchain industry in our country has taken shape.

▲ This is the top ten cities in China's blockchain project financing from January to June this year, Beijing No.1, Shanghai No.2, Shenzhen No.3, Hong Kong No.4 and Hangzhou No.5. Therefore, we said that Shenzhen still has a very good foundation in the development of blockchain.

The top ten of the financing amount from January to June this year, the first place is Hong Kong, the second is Zhejiang, the third is Beijing, the fourth is Guangdong, and the fifth is Shanghai.

▲ This is the trend of the number of applications and the amount of openness of domestic blockchain patents. In 2018, the number of patents we applied for was 4435, and the number of patents was 3767. There are no accurate figures in 2019.

From China, in terms of blockchain patents, there has been a pivotal position in the world. Just now we saw that the number of applications in 2018 accounted for half of the global total, significantly exceeding the United States.

▲ This is the number of top ten blockchain application projects in the first half of 2019. The blockchain project of government affairs will become the focus in the recent period.

From the development trend of the whole industry, the blockchain has six characteristics:

  • The blockchain has become the forefront of global technological development, opening up new tracks for international competition;
  • The blockchain field has become a new hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship, and technology convergence will expand the application of new space;
  • The blockchain will be widely deployed in the real economy in the next three years and become an important support for the construction of digital China;
  • Blockchain creates a new platform economy and opens a new era of sharing economy;
  • The blockchain accelerates the process of “trusted digitization”, which drives the financial sector to a virtual reality and serves the real economy;
  • The blockchain supervision and standards system will be further improved and the industrial base will be further consolidated.

China blockchain application development trend

  • Blockchain enterprises are concentrated in first-tier cities, and the financial industry and the real economy are the main players;
  • Financial institutions and enterprises are the main force of application;
  • Blockchain applications are diversified, extending from finance to physical areas;
  • Blockchain technology has developed rapidly and patent applications have grown rapidly.

▲ This is the application area mentioned in the white paper of China's blockchain industry.

In the financial and non-financial fields, there are many outstanding cases and excellent solutions for blockchain innovation. Many of the underlying platforms use FISCO BCOS.

Now there are more promising blockchain applications, one is blockchain supply chain finance . We have seen many blockchain companies in the financial sector in China and have done a lot of work in supply chain finance.

The second is blockchain and data sharing . In fact, I have seen a lot of blockchain applications. We have seen dozens of reviews just now, but the real heavyweight blockchain application is still relatively small. I think the blockchain is integrated with big data. This may be the focus of our attention for some time to come.

Especially for the banking industry, how to effectively use the data provided by the government, and the data that can be found publicly on the Internet, can truly combine the blockchain and big data. I think this is the direction of development in the future.

In 2017, Guizhou proposed that big data and blockchain are two wings, two-wheel drive, but it is only mentioning it. Now it should really be a good combination of the two.

From the perspective of blockchain application:

  • Single-scenario applications are applied to cross-industry scenarios;
  • The diversification of technology upgrades and application scenarios will promote the upgrade of the blockchain application model;
  • The convergence of blockchain and Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence has become a trend;
  • The blockchain will gradually penetrate from the financial industry to the Internet of Things and medical health.

Thoughts on the development of blockchain industry and its application

I believe that the current development of blockchain industry and applications is very challenging:

First, blockchain technology has a short time to appear. We know that China will be truly valued by the blockchain concept after 2015. The application of many blockchain technologies that we have seen today is basically after 2016. If we see a blockchain company that was established before 2016, it is very old. Therefore, the time when technology appears is relatively short.

Second, the scale of the industry is small.

Third, the blockchain technology and product independent innovation ability is not strong. Especially in China, in the field of digital currency, we really contribute very little to the original theory and technology of blockchain. Therefore, in this sense, it is not easy for the Golden Chain Alliance to raise the banner of FISCO BCOS not only at home but also at the international level.

Fourth, a large number of applications are still in the exploration stage. There are dozens of applications just mentioned, there are many applications in this area, which may have just been developed.

Fifth, the high-end talents in the blockchain are seriously inadequate. The blockchain field has very high requirements for talents. We know that the bottom of the blockchain is cryptography. The computer architecture, storage, algorithms, and computer applications are embedded in it. It basically covers all aspects of the computer field. There are also requirements for network security. Therefore, it is very difficult to cultivate a comprehensive blockchain talent, and high-end talents are seriously inadequate.

Finally, the cognitive divide. The so-called cognitive divide is that the parties have different views on the blockchain, and because the blockchain is closely related to the digital currency, it is inevitable that fraudsters will swindle under the blockchain banner. There used to be a data. As of March last year, there were 456 companies in the blockchain, but how many platforms are scammed by the blockchain banner? There are more than 3,000 such Internet platforms, which has a negative impact on the blockchain.

How to accelerate the development of blockchain industry and application?

One is strategy. Strengthen top-level design, attach importance to basic theory and technology research, attach importance to safety controllable technology and product development, and accelerate the formulation of standards and norms. It is also important to strengthen the research and development of open source platforms in China.

The other is tactics. I have five ideas:

The first is to strengthen the deep integration of blockchains with other cutting-edge technologies (such as cloud technology, big data, communication technology, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc.) . When it comes to realizing practical problems, the single technology of blockchain alone is No way.

The second is to strengthen the deep integration with information technology construction and existing IT enterprises . In other words, we must closely integrate the blockchain with the current informationization construction, and closely integrate with the current IT enterprises, instead of saying that the blockchain enterprises are playing a leading role.

The third is to integrate deep integration with big data and data.

The fourth is from “blockchain+” to “+blockchain”. "Blockchain+" is what I solved with this project, considering blockchain technology. In fact, in the application exploration of these two years, it is found that in addition to the digital currency field, many other areas of the blockchain technology are not acceptable. We must play the advantages and characteristics of the blockchain in the existing system.

The fifth is from to B to to C. The vast majority of applications we see today are to B. We haven't seen the real use of blockchains for to C applications, nor have we explored the platform economy of blockchains. If a blockchain with to C is applied, the value of the blockchain will be fully reflected.

to sum up

The central and local governments have attached great importance to the development of the blockchain and have introduced various preferential policies and plans. In particular, General Secretary Xi’s speech at the academician conference of the two academies last year pointed out the direction for the development of blockchain industry and application.

As a frontier technology, blockchain has a large space for technological development in the long run, a broad industrial prospect, and a wide range of applications. However, it should be noted that the blockchain technology has a short time to appear, the industry scale is small, and the application promotion is in the exploratory stage. There is still a huge gap in the understanding of the blockchain among all parties. To make the blockchain industry and application develop rapidly, it is necessary We have worked hard!

In the end, I used a poem by Chairman Mao as the concluding remark of today: Xiongguan Man Road is as iron as it is, and now it is a step from the beginning! thank you all!

Source: FISCO-BCOS open source community