Bitcoin is a black hole, and the legal currency of these six countries has been swallowed up.

Similar to the case of the altcoin, many inflation-fighting legal currencies are also going to zero. The smallest unit of bitcoin is 1 Cong, and 1 BTC is equal to 100 million Cong. Today, the value of a Cong has exceeded that of many countries. The value of the base unit of the legal currency. This means that in these countries, even if you only have 0.01 BTC, you can become a "millionaire" or even a "billionaire."

1. Zimbabwean currency (1 Cong convertible to 7.16 million Zimbabwean coins)

When it comes to the question of how much money can be exchanged, the first thing we will think of is Zimbabwe. Many people may have heard it. This is a small inland country in southern Africa, but its popularity in the world is very high. The reason lies in its high inflation. At present, Zimbabwe’s largest denomination of banknotes is 100 trillion. Then, do you know how much Zimbabwe can be exchanged by 1 Cong?


(Figure 1: Zimbabwean currency of 10 trillion denominations)

The author has roughly calculated, the current 1 Cong can be exchanged for 7.16 million Zimbabwean coins!

2, Iranian Rial (1 Cong convertible 5 Iranian Rial)

The Iranian economy has suffered enormous losses recently after the United States unilaterally withdrew from the International Joint Comprehensive Action Plan and re-implemented sanctions. In response to this situation, the Iranian authorities revoked the previous ban on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and recently announced the legalization of bitcoin mining.


(Figure 2: Iranian Rial)

However, the value of the country’s fiat currency has continued to fall, and currently 1 Cong has been able to convert to 5 riyals.

3, Vietnamese Dong (1 Cong convertible 2.75 VND)

Next, it is the turn of the Vietnamese dong, and the name will not be discussed. At present, 1 Cong can be exchanged for 2.75 VND.

Perhaps this should be a warning about the anti-cryptocurrency sentiment. Last summer, the Central Bank of Vietnam called for a ban on cryptocurrency mining. Since then, the country has also announced a total ban on all cryptocurrency-related activities.

Đồng Việt Nam

(Figure 3: VND with a face value of 500,000)

At present, the country’s tough stance seems to be easing, and it is reported that an authorized cryptocurrency exchange was also seen in Vietnam earlier this year.

4, Indonesian rupiah (1 Cong convertible 1.7 Indonesian rupiah)

Indonesia is another country that completely bans cryptocurrencies. Later, the country softened its position. Unfortunately, some of its recent over-regulation requirements led traders in the region to abandon the exchange and favor platforms like LocalBitcoins. .


(Figure 4: Indonesian rupiah)

Currently, 1 Cong can be exchanged for 1.7 rupiah.

5, Venezuelan sovereign Bolivar (1 Cong convertible 1.545 Bolivar)

Venezuela is one of the most influential countries in the world today. Although it issued a large denomination of new currency (Sovereign Bolivar) in August 18, it still cannot withstand the sharp depreciation of the country’s currency, Boli When Val was originally issued, the exchange rate against the US dollar was 0.02. After one year, the exchange rate has depreciated to 0.000077.

Venezuela, otro paÌs latinoamericano que elimina ceros de su moneda

(Figure 5: Bolivar)

Currently, 1 Cong can be redeemed to 1.545 Bolivar.

6, Guinean franc (1 Cong convertible 1.08)

The Republic of Guinea in West Africa uses the Guinean franc as its national currency. In the list we have listed, the country’s legal currency is basically the same as 1 Cong. At present, 1 Cong can be exchanged for 1.08 Guinean francs. However, this is really nothing to be proud of.


(Figure 6: Guinea Franc)

In fact, there are several other countries where the exchange rate of the French currency against 1 Cong is already below 1, and this list is still expanding. Bitcoin is like a black hole in money, and it is constantly consuming the inflationary currency. If we List them and Bitcoin as trading pairs, and they have been zeroed.