ERIS ransomware variant hit, blackmail 0.05 bitcoin

According to the fast technology news, August 9th news, Tencent Security Yushen Intelligence Center has detected that the ERIS blackmail virus variant has some infections in the country, the encrypted files can not be decrypted temporarily, and the original files will be completely destroyed. It is understood that the ERIS ransomware first appeared in May 2019, and the ERIS extension suffix will be added after the early encryption file is completed. The ERIS ransomware is also named. The ERIS ransomware variant is written in Go, and a 5-byte random extension suffix is ​​added after the encrypted file is completed. After the virus encrypts the user data, it extorts 0.05 bitcoin (market value is about 4,000 yuan). Compared to Ryuk ransom (the ransom is usually hundreds of thousands), the amount of ransomware is more likely to spread.