The coin circle is playing the role of Call, the circle of friends is the biggest marketing field.

I received a WeChat is very fun today, and the other party added a friend to ask.

“Busy? We have to hold a large event in Shenzhen and would like to invite you to participate. I wonder if you are convenient?”

"Not very convenient." I said.

"That support us online, we will make a poster for the big coffee alone, just give me a name."

"Not very convenient." I said.

"The next event will invite you again, thank you." After that, I quickly sent an invitation to join the event group. The chat ends.

Babbitt's "8 Questions" column host Xiaobo also spit her encounter, she can always receive some calls to call, some are very wonderful.

"I don't know who you are, where are you from, where are you going, you ask me for photos and titles, or give me a so-called invitation, I don't know anything, then you call me to call Call. Let me publicize without charge. The quality of the circle of friends has dropped significantly."

This kind of brainless call to Call can be ignored directly, but some calls from friends to Call, you can not refuse. How do you say that the Chinese are all a group of people who talk about "human feelings"? If you are good, give you a face, please call Call, you are not Call, the boat of friendship says it will turn over. Timg (3)

Even if there is no such thing as a reporter in the circle, you can receive all sorts of strange call requirements in three days, and those big names who are famous outside are naturally at the forefront. For example, Super Jun, he said that he sent him a Call Chart almost every day, and his friends circle hit the Call poster almost every night. At first he couldn't open his face and had to send it. Finally, he chose to refuse to call Call. Lively interpretation of a story of a person who is involuntarily in the rivers and lakes.

Playing Call, Baidu Encyclopedia said that it originated from the Japanese aid culture. It was the earliest refers to the concert live audience. The audience followed the rhythm of the music and interacted with the performers on the stage by shouting and waving a light stick according to certain rules. . Later, it broadly referred to the love and support of someone. In 2017, Call was selected as one of the top ten buzzwords of the year.

In the blockchain industry, playing Call has become a phenomenon. The new project is on the exchange, playing Call. A certain business data got the industry first, hit Call. The company's N anniversary, and then a round of Call.

Zhang Xingtu, founder of the coin peach community, said, "I am really not a job number, just a poster tool without feelings."

Calling the Call poster has low cost and good effect. It is a big tool for the promotion of the project, and the circle of friends is naturally the "main battlefield" of the Call poster, the largest marketing field in the blockchain industry.

In the face of calling Call, are you a Call or not a Call?

In these two days, Xiong Yue launched a circle of friends, "Don't miss the Call movement." "The people who don't block my circle of friends are people who care about me, but I don't share my life or new ideas with you. Half of them are small ads. I have played a lot of Calls because of social pressure. I really feel sorry for my friends. ""

"I want to use a kind of ironic performance art to express my resistance and helplessness to the inexplicable things of playing Call."

After Xiong Yue’s “Declining Call” campaign began, he soon received some friends’ spiritual support. Super Jun and other four made their own "Don't Hit the Call" poster, but the helplessness can be imagined.

Initpintu_ copy

"I have to say that playing Call also has the rationality of its existence, just like the opening of a new store, friends will send a flower basket." In Xiong Yue's view, most of the playing of the Call is somewhat difficult, but some are sincere. . His latest friend circle added a beginning: "This Call I am willing!"

Nervos co-founder and COO Lu Guoning received a Call request every day. He said: "If many people are looking for you to play Call, it is very annoying, but if no one is looking for you, don't you bother?"

Being asked to play Call means you have some influence, and your circle of friends has some value that is being squeezed.

Recently, the Call Poster in the circle of friends has EOSC login KuCoin, FTT login fire currency, and LBank platform currency. Playing Call for these three projects is quite influential. Calling Call, you can't help but feel that these projects are very powerful, worthy of attention, and even worth investing. In the case of a difficult investigation of the project side, it is naturally a powerful reference indicator. But before, Xu Xiaoping, Li Xiaolai and so on had been immersed in the whirlpool of public opinion because of the platform, and the platform became a derogatory term in the top of the currency circle.

Is there any concern about playing Call? If the platform is a consumer's credibility, is it a call to Call?

Xiong Yue said that he does not think that playing Call is a platform. "The nature of playing Call is like a friend opening a new store. I am going to send a flower basket, or another kind of praise that everyone knows." When she calls the Call poster, she will worry about whether it is a recognition of a project and a platform for her friends.

The blockchain is a technology with a sense of technology and a sense of the future. But the status quo of extreme commercialization has made it take off the sci-fi coat, and it is no longer sexy, but it is offensive.

However, not everyone has objections to this. The practitioner Lu Bingzhen said that if you don't call Call for quality projects, how can good money expel bad money? The one that does not play should be the nameless Call, the Call of the inferior project.

Perhaps, we are disgusted with playing Call, which means we are looking forward to a more friendly circle of friends.

At this moment, in order to return a circle of blue sky to friends, in order to clear the bad dark clouds surrounding the blockchain, the author should play a call for "Call for Call".