Copyright 殇: the original author's way of defending rights, and the possibility of blockchain technology

Copyright is a protracted war, and the topic of copyright has never been broken:

  • Known as the defender of the netizen, I am thinking about it and the original author of "The Biography of the Book" is a rumored death.
  • Caixin reporter Wang Heyan questioned the "washing manuscript" of "Gan Chai Inferior Fire" and ignited the anger of the entire original world
  • Founder Microsoft Ya black font event is very hot…

Yesterday, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League just looked at China, and it made the "copyright issue" once again a topic center.

In China, the “infringement incident” has never been broken. Most of what we have seen is known to the public because the “infringed party” has certain power and status.

And more "original vulnerable groups" that are not inundated by our people and are infringed and cannot properly protect their rights and interests: no background, no rights, no flow, no funds.

A few days ago, I accidentally saw an original author @桑桑姐 publishing his own self-media platform for his rights protection: Sina, one of the portals, did not apply for authorization, Sina Finance directly reprinted the author's article on Weibo, nor did it Indicate the source.

Sang Sang found the other person to communicate with each other, and asked the author to provide the company's qualification certificate and send it through the company's mailbox.

However, a "personal number" is just a small personal number that is full of blood and loves words. Where can I get the company qualification?

We do not judge the authenticity of this matter, because we have not done any investigation, and we cannot verify the authenticity of the incident.

But such incidents are really experienced by many ordinary and ordinary authors.

In the era of Internet technology, many talented creators have a stage for self-presentation: short videos, articles, music, expression packs, small pieces… all the flowers are in full bloom.

But it also breeds the "evil faction" in the dark: plagiarism, washing, stealing… hidden behind the Internet protection barrier, those "thieves, robbers" can steal other people's results for profit without any effort.

And if the original creator wants to defend his rights, he needs to pass through a number of levels: you have to prove that you are you, how to prove that you prove that you are really you…

The creators are happy and desperate in the face of the pervasive and huge flow of information on the Internet.

Therefore, a convenient, effective and comprehensive digital copyright protection service has become the most urgent need of content producers. And digital copyright, just like it has always been the "toon" of the blockchain.

Because it has a natural advantage: based on online circulation. The technical feature of the blockchain is the decentralized distributed ledger database. The data on the chain has timestamp marks, and has the characteristics of open traceability and non-tamperability. This makes the content easy to use and legal in the process of use and transfer. propagation.

When the blockchain is applied to digital copyright, it will bring us a different "original world."

Now, based on the blockchain BaaS platform developed and designed based on blockchain technology, a solution for designing digital copyright protection has emerged:

  • Data cannot be tampered with: distributed storage, block-chain data structures, time stamps, digital signatures, asymmetric encryption to ensure that data cannot be tampered with
  • File security privacy: Hash algorithm is used to hash the file in the blockchain. Once the certificate is synchronized to each node, it cannot be tampered with and forged. Only the user's own private key can access and control the file.
  • Multi-party trusted endorsement: docking authoritative judicial appraisal center, obtaining credible blockchain certificate, eliminating data tampering and counterfeiting risks

In practical application, the original author's rights protection operation is also very simple: just submit the data to complete the identity verification and submit the work, then you can pass the appraisal agency to check whether the infringement is passed, and then generate a unique hash abstract. The whole process is based on the cryptography chain, which guarantees the protection of data privacy and institutional supervision.

The most sad thing is that these levels are the shackles of traditional copyright protection in the face of digital copyright:

  • High fees: the price of copyright registration is too high, usually the market price of a single piece of work is more than 500 yuan.
  • Inefficiency: The official review of traditional copyright registration generally takes 20 working days, while the characteristics of the network era are “more production and faster dissemination”.
  • Difficulties in defending rights: the complexity of the platform complaint procedure, the legal maintenance cost is higher… The original creator can only choose to remain silent

In the face of these unsolvable problems, the creators' rights-protection roads have been raging from the beginning to the end. In the end, it can only be done without a disease.

After all, it is really not good to make a wedding dress for others.

We respect the fruits of each individual's work, and we are committed to protecting the wisdom of everyone. We are even more convinced that the emergence of every new technology will surely bring us surprises.

And when we return to the technology itself, its value will eventually bloom.

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