Monitoring shows: multiple exchanges now open the door currency (XMR) transfer lock attack

According to the information of the slow fog area, recently, the XMR transfer lock-up attack appeared on multiple exchanges. The slow fog security team reminded the exchanges with the Monroe trade pair to check the confirmation of the Monroe currency as soon as possible. Whether the account has been effectively judged. Attack method:
0x01: Enter the password to enter the wallet via monero-wallet-cli.
0x02: Send a locked transaction by command.
0x03: The transfer is completed, the exchange does not perform locked transaction (locked_transfer) detection, and receives the coin that is set to lock the block height to unlock (can be understood as locked for the specified time).
0x04: Malicious users immediately withdraw coins and leave the exchanges in the air.
The details of the specific attack are temporarily not open to the public.