The data shows that the market value of BTC continues to rise and the transaction volume of mainstream exchanges has declined.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on August 9th, the BTC price was $11,821.43, and the market value was $211,206.17M. The 24H BTC transaction volume of the mainstream exchange was about $1473.26M, which was 25.15% less than yesterday. The BTC release time was about 9.5min, the number of active addresses and the volume of transactions on the chain showed a certain decline; in the morning, the price of BTC gradually rose, breaking through the $12,000 point, and quickly fell back. The overall state remained slightly fluctuating, and other mainstream currencies had more declines in the market callback. As a result, BTC market value accounted for a new high of 69.24%; BTC short position holdings continued to grow; intraday BTC/USD Coinbase was at a premium to BTC/USD Bitfinex. At about 6 o'clock on August 8th, UTC took the lead in selling Bitcoin at a high level. After a few minutes, Coinbase began to sell, and then the price fell. Bitfinex had big orders to buy when bitcoin prices rose to around 12,000 at around 8 and 24, and the highest price on Bitfinex near 8 points was nearly $100 higher than the other two exchanges.