Wuzhen has come and never left – "Application Unbounded" Second World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen officially launched

On November 8-9, we are waiting for you in Wuzhen.

Blockchain has no boundaries, only application is unbounded

This year is the tenth year of the birth of Bitcoin, from the first decade to the next decade. We are shocked that the blockchain industry has produced too many fantasy bubbles, outputting too much formalism and going through too many twists and turns. Our industry, in terms of technology and ideology, is waiting for a new round of breakthroughs and transitions. The blockchain needs more rethinking, re-exploration, and departure.

The old decade of the blockchain is a decade of all kinds of Bitcoiner, exchanges, mines, public chains, media, etc. Their different appeals, explorations and setbacks, the subjective impression of the first decade of the blockchain :chaos.

The new decade of the blockchain is a decade of “unbounded”. The industry has no boundaries, and the healthy and well-organized ecology of Wanlian Internet can be expected. The crowd has no boundaries, and the blockchain will move toward billion-level and billion-level users. There is no boundary in the application, and we hope that a scene with unlimited scenes, boundless products, and a chain of people to trust the commercial chain.

Breaking the border, Hong Meng, a chain and a universe. Blockchains have no boundaries, only applications are unbounded.

2019, it’s enough to see Wuzhen.

In the past 2018, hundreds of large and small conferences and exhibitions have been held in China, including many strategic areas for financial technology innovation in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

Only Wuzhen is a shining light that everyone can't.

In the summer of 18 years, the “Seeing the Future” World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen was successfully held. The conference invited 1000+VIP guests from all over the world to attend, 80+ speech presentations at home and abroad, 80+ financial technology innovation companies, 100+ cooperation. Media organizations have accumulated more than 4,000 visitors. (Click to view the wonderful review)

At the inaugural meeting, Liu Cixin, the author of "Three-body", talked with the blockchain for the first time. He left his thoughts: "We are actually in the era of great migration and are moving from the real world to the virtual world. The emergence of blockchains It is an important step in the virtual world to become a parallel in the real world, supplementing what is in the real world, what the virtual world does not. It uses numbers to build a very stable credit system in the virtual world. Based on the foundation of this credit system, the virtual world You can do a lot of things that the real world can do." It is still very popular.


("Three-body" author Liu Cixin as guest of the first world blockchain conference · Wuzhen)

Key words for the first conference include: investment, certification, security, supervision, service entities, and cross-border. Nearly 100 heavyweight experts, scholars, investors, and project founders have left their classic thinking and dialogue.

Wuzhen is not only an important source of innovation in the development of the Internet in the world, but also a strategic highland for the development and application of global blockchain technology.

We can say with confidence: 2019 in the blockchain, it is enough to see Wuzhen.

New species, a total future – Wuzhen has come, never left

Babbitt announced here that the “Application Unbounded” Second World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen officially launched!

The conference will continue to be hosted by Babbitt and will be held on November 8-9, 2019. The conference will bring together more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, experts and scholars in the field of 5G, technical geeks, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects. With the theme of “application unbounded” , the application of blockchain will be implemented. The frontiers of technology, industry trends and hot issues are discussed, and the ecological innovation and evolution of blockchains are empowered.

The conference will be held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center· Wuzhen Hall, which can accommodate 3,000 people at the same time. There are 6 theme forums and over 4,000 square meters of large professional exhibition areas, including “Comptuing is Power Hardware Expo” (tentative name) ) The 60+ booth will be unveiled and I look forward to seeing you. The conference is expected to attract more than 4,000 guests and will be one of the largest and most socially influential comprehensive blockchain summits in China and around the world.


(The first World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen site map)

In 1999, Wuzhen initiated the protection of ancient towns and tourism development. Thousands of years of Wuzhen turned gorgeously in 20 years. From Chen Danqing’s “Hell, a smoky, chilling hell” to the most successful cultural tourism destination in China and the most eye-catching gathering place in the Internet age, Wuzhen has evolved into a new Species .

The achievements of the past 20 years are inseparable from the forward-looking planning, the enterprising of a generation and the courage of fearlessness. This is the revelation that Wuzhen gave us.

Because it is seen, it exists. We will ask the future of the blockchain in Wuzhen, your next decade in the blockchain, the blockchain sound you want to hear, the blockchain project and application you are looking forward to, your 2019 keywords, all here.

Wuzhen has come and never left. We are full of enthusiasm, and look forward to working with you in this "Davod Davos" town, the richest digital economy innovator and the most imaginative, to create a new decade of blueprint for the blockchain!

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