More than the original chain 2019 Global Developer Conference enters the countdown in August

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More than half of 2019, blockchain has gradually become the focus of the Internet, computer industry and financial services, and the discussion of blockchain technology is endless. Global first-tier technology companies attach great importance to the technology development and commercial application of blockchain technology. Internet giants such as Facebook have also released the Libra program, gaining global attention. The technological wave triggered by the blockchain continues to this day and is getting closer and closer to the lives of ordinary people.

Since the successful launch of the first Global Developer Contest and Developers Conference in Hangzhou last year, this event has become an annual event than the original chain. This year, "The Second Global Developers Conference of the Original Chain" will be held in San Francisco, USA on August 24. This time, it will also be aimed at innovative developers around the world, providing the best stage for outstanding developers and projects. At the same time, we hope that through this conference, we will have better in-depth exchanges with partners who are more than the original global ecosystem.

Global Blockchain Technology KOL Collection

The conference has invited blockchain technology KOL, heads of investment and research institutions, technology leaders, and technical elites and scholars in the fields of artificial intelligence, internet of things and cloud computing to share their trends in new technologies. Judgment and outlook. Among them, Wu Jihan’s new company, Matrixport, will also make its debut in North America through the summit.

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Cross-domain exploration of blockchain technology how to land

19 years as the first year of 5G application, it is also the first year of commercial chain application for the blockchain field. Security and privacy protection, edge computing, cross-chain trading, Defi, Stacking, etc. in the blockchain have become hot spots. topic.

With the accelerated entry of giants such as BAT and Facebook, more and more companies are beginning to accelerate their blockchain layout. The conference also invited more than 500 first-line developers and practitioners from various fields to discuss topics such as blockchain technology, ecological development, and AI. How to use the blockchain to empower existing industries and upgrade and transform them simultaneously. There will also be dialogue and imagination about the actual application and commercial landing in the future.

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Innovative projects continue to flow

In addition, the final results of the 2019 Global Blockchain Development Competition will be announced on the same day. Teams from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Venezuela and other countries will participate in the competition. Coin payment system, supply chain finance, contract development tools, education technology and other technical and commercial works.

In 2018, the original chain developer contest attracted nearly 100 developers from the United States, South Korea, Europe, China and other places. The final 16 teams entered the finals and divided the 2 million BTM prizes. The participating teams have developed a number of projects such as decentralized digital asset flashing platform, sewage management asset system, automobile data management platform and blockchain browser.


The current schedule of the 2nd Global Developers Competition has also entered the preliminary review and project optimization stage, and the winning team will eventually gather in San Francisco to compete for the final $30,000 BTM reward. Details of the registration information of the conference:;