Mine Pool MatPool announced the super node of SmartMesh Project (SMT)

On August 9, the mining pool MatPool was officially announced as the super node of the SmartMesh project. MatPool was officially launched on September 11, 2018, and was built by the Babbitt team. It is a new mining product launched by Babbitt after Babbitt information, chain nodes and time stamp capital. Former Facebook early engineer Jin Lei served as project leader and CTO, and Babbitt partner Li Zongcheng became COO of COO.
SmartMesh Ecology has the world's first Internet-based Public Link Spectrum that can support offline payment. The Layer 2 photonic network and Layer 0 Mesh physical layer can realize large-scale distributed communication. It is the Internet of Things, the integration of the world and the network. The value of the Internet infrastructure.
MatPool will continue to use the advantages of its technology and capital to help the stability and security of SmartMesh network, and continuously promote the ecological construction of SmartMesh.