SWIFT, the cryptographic asset version led by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, was approved in June and is designed to run in a few years.

According to Coinpost, a project called "Encrypted Assets SWIFT" led by the Japanese Ministry of Finance was approved in June with the goal of running within a few years. The participating countries will be led by 15 major countries, including Japan, the United States and seven major countries in Europe (G7), and the Japanese Finance and Financial Services Authority will lead the new system. If the new system is enabled, it will not only prevent money laundering, but also use encrypted assets as one of the means of settlement on a global scale. The cryptographic asset version "SWIFT" is a system that was proposed as a response to the V20's FATF guidance, which was discussed globally by VASP (virtual currency related business operators). Since the outline of the specific system has not yet been published, it cannot be clearly stated, but if international cooperation between VASPs of member countries is promoted, remittances to remittances to non-members may be restricted.