Chain Node AMA | Akropolis Founder Ana Andria: Bocabe is more advantageous than Ethereum

On August 9th, Akropolis founder Ana Andria was the guest chain node AMA. When answering questions from users, he said: "In order to solve the scalability problem, we decided to build our own chain–AkroChain. Recently, CertiK has completed the AKRO token. In addition to the audit work of the affiliated smart contract and time lock. In addition, we decided to participate in the Poca auction, linking AkroChain to the Polkadot ecosystem. We do this because Poca has a better advantage than Ethereum, for example higher. Scalability and interoperability. After integration with Boca, our users will be able to operate with digital assets and dApps from different chains.” AMA details link: 363766