Ripple Government Relations Leader: Suggests that the US provides a principle-based encryption regulatory framework

According to AMBCrypto, Michelle Bond, head of Ripple's government relations, recently expressed his opinion on the current state of encryption regulation in an interview with Monica Long. Bond told Ripple's senior vice president of marketing that the current issue of encryption regulation has spread all over the world, and countries around the world have different opinions on cryptocurrency. Some countries are still very “hostile” to virtual assets, while others are more friendly and open to digital currencies. Bond said: "We have always advocated a principle-based framework rather than an illustrative framework. I say this because the principles-based framework allows for the emergence of new technologies and, over time, it is also very adaptable. It's also important to think that there is a clear definition. I think this gives companies peace of mind on the way forward, and regulators can set some kind of precautions based on these definitions."