Top game IP | Genuine Xianjian 5 will be online IOST main network


Today, IOST co-founder Terry attended the signing ceremony of the release of the hand-chain blockchain version of "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man", and signed the contract with King Kong Game Chairman and CEO Li Liujun and Chain Tour World founder Elthen .


Left: Terry: Li Liujun Right: Elthen

IOST will work with China's well-known veteran game maker King Kong Games and Chain Tour World ChainXGame to create the version of the "Fairy Swordsman 5" mobile game blockchain.


IOST will be the first channel for the mobile game blockchain version of "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man"! In late August, the pre-sale of the package version of the "Fairy Swordsman 5" mobile game blockchain will be officially opened. At the beginning of September, the version of the "Fairy Swordsman 5" mobile game blockchain will be officially released! At that time, IOST and Chain Travel World will each provide Token as a mining pool, and IOST will become the only Token recharge channel supported by the first launch.

"The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" is a version of the mobile game blockchain!

"The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" is a series of computer games released by Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. The fairy sword story is based on the legend of the ancient Chinese fairy gods and ghosts, with the theme of martial arts and Xian Xia. So far, eight stand-alone role-playing games, a derivative business simulation game, two online games, one online social game and one have been released. The derivative mobile game is the most famous game brand in China.


The first work of the Xianjian series was released in July 1995. It won numerous game awards on both sides of the strait and was praised by many players as “a worldly work”. The "Fairy Swordsman" series has been derived from comics, novels, TV series, stage plays, seiyuu dramas, cards, etc. It is the most successful game intellectual property brand in China, and has great influence on Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. A lot of fans. Among them, "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" is the generation with the largest sales volume and the largest number of users.


The "Sword of the Five" mobile game inherited the stand-alone world view setting, the player turned into the main character Jiang Yunfan, the first meeting of the peak, the roots of the gods and devils, the Tang Dynasty recruits the situation, the transient life is like a dream, the unidentified self, life and death The unsuccessful father, in the face of his father's choice of rain and soft, what choice would you make?

"Block chain + martial arts legend", IOST Xianjian five will open a different world of chain travel for everyone.

Big IP+ big production: IOST creates a different DApp ecosystem

As one of the four major public chains in the world, IOST is committed to creating a different public chain DApp ecosystem. Unlike other early public chains, IOST's DApp is based on games and is dedicated to chain-changing traditional large games and famous game IPs.


In addition, IOST uses the JS contract language, has a full set of development tools, and has a good development experience; the IOST main network has high scalability and the DApp experience is smooth. At present, the number of IOST users is growing steadily, and the activity is high. There are many partners such as DApp platform/wallet, which can provide a full range of publicity and exposure for the game.


At the same time, IOST will use its own advantages to provide a full range of DApp support for the game development team, not only staying in the financial budget, but also supporting the long-term and multi-faceted aspects in technology development and marketing. This time, IOST cooperated with Chain Travel World and King Kong Games to launch the blockchain version of "Fairy Swordsman 5". If it can be widely recognized by the market, it will become a milestone in the field of "game + blockchain". In Q19 2019, more large games will be launched soon.

In the future, IOST will work with more game development teams to deepen cooperation on the comprehensive service of traditional game chain reform, economic design, technical indicators, convergent billing, operation solutions and technical tools to establish market standards. . To provide users with a rich and playable DApp ecosystem, to create a differentiated public chain platform, to promote the development of chain travel, and promote the prosperity of chain travel.

About King Kong Games

Beijing King Kong Game Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known game company in China. It is a comprehensive Internet high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, distribution and operation. It is currently in the process of logging into the science and technology board.


The company has been committed to the content innovation of domestic online games, and has the ability to develop high-quality game products, and has long-term friendly cooperation with major platforms and mobile channels at home and abroad. The company adheres to the philosophy of “excellence and refining, and refining itself”, aiming to provide high-quality game products and services to online game users around the world.

The company's flagship product, "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man", has been in the forefront of the best-selling list for a long time since its launch, and its core data such as retention and payment have reached the industry leading level.

About the world of chain travel

Chain Tour World ChainxGame is a gaming platform that spans traditional games and blockchains. The platform can be divided into ChainX Passport Platform, Game Business, Community, Exchange Mall & Exchange.


In the ecology of Chainchain's world of ChainxGame, all participants, including developers, intellectual property, operators and players, will be value contributors and beneficiaries. All of the player's activity contributions will generate value, and the player's participation will directly affect the developer's influence and weight.

The MTP of the chain travels to the world is "Let 2.2 billion players have digital assets."