Huawei officially released its own operating system "Hong Meng", the distributed architecture was first used for terminal OS

According to the First Financial Report, on the afternoon of August 9, 2019 Huawei Global Developers Conference was held at the Huawei Songshan Lake Base. CEO of Huawei Consumer Business and Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Yu Chengdong officially released Huawei's own operating system: Hongmeng . The original design of Hongmeng OS is to meet the high standard connection requirements of the full scene smart experience. For this reason, Huawei has proposed four system solutions. This includes the distributed architecture for the first time for the terminal OS to achieve a seamless collaborative experience across terminals. Hongmeng OS's "distributed OS architecture" and "distributed soft bus technology" through the public communication platform, distributed data management, distributed capability scheduling and virtual peripherals four capabilities, the corresponding distributed application of the underlying technology to achieve the difficulty Application developer shielding enables developers to focus on their own business logic, develop cross-terminal distributed applications like the same terminal, and enable end consumers to enjoy a powerful cross-terminal business collaboration capability for seamless use of various scenarios. .