36 Chinese team public chain fundamentals survey: this year is the coldest year

Author: Mutual chain pulse · Black Pearl

On August 9, Nervos, a public chain project developed by the Chinese technical team, announced that it will issue the original CB, and plans to launch the main network in the fourth quarter. Nervos is the Chinese team's public chain that was not published in 2019. Since the beginning of this year, there are only three such public chains.

The so-called Chinese team public chain refers to the public chain project initiated by Chinese founders and even with technology development in China. Because of the 9.4 ban, its operating entities and even founders have basically moved overseas. However, due to the "blood relationship", China's regulatory authorities, investors, and project parties are still paying more attention to it.

Mutual chain pulse screened 36 public chain projects based on market capitalization and market attention, and conducted basic combing.

2017 reissue pass, 2018 built the main network, 2019 lack of strength

Mutual chain pulse finishing the basic information of 36 public chain projects. The 36 public chains are arranged according to their market value: currency chain, fire chain HLT, wave field TRON, OK chain, small ant, body, bit (coin) gold, chain, quantum chain, IOST area Blockchain, than the original chain, Gongxinbao, Zilliqa, Walton chain, ink chain, Yilaiyun, Weiyouyuan, Yunyun chain, nebula chain, notary public, road printing agreement, future copyright, initial chain, district Block Corner, Nash Chain, YOYOW, Core Chain, IRIS, TOP Network, Achaim, Bumo, VNTchain, Ulord, EveriToken, Nervos (not issued), Conflux (not issued).

Among them, 30 public chains were issued for the pass and the main online line was realized. In addition, there are 4 public chains that have been issued, but there is no main online information. Conflux expects to go online in the first quarter of next year, and Nervos will be on the line and the main network.

Statistics show that the earliest public certificate issued by the pass is a small ant. On June 1, 2014, the small ant issued NEO. As of August 9, NEO's current market capitalization has reached 5.808 billion yuan, and the unit price is about 82 yuan. After the small ants, the notary public issued the certificate FCT in 2015. Many Chinese public chains were born in 2016, but there has been no news so far, and they are not in the big list of 36 public chains.

In 2017, the Chinese team's public chain issuance certificate has entered an outbreak period, and a total of 16 public links have been issued. The well-known public chains such as the quantum chain, the original chain, the coin chain, and the wave field are all issued in 2017. The total market value of the circulation of the 16 public chains is now about 51.9 billion yuan.

(Tablet: Interchain Pulse 2019, 4 public chains contain Nervos to be released)

Issuance of the pass means that the public chain can support the circulation of online assets, and after the main online line, DAPP can carry out the technology landing, and open the exchange of assets on the chain and offline assets. The issuance of the pass in front of the main online line can be seen as the original accumulation of the public chain in terms of users, technology and community.

Compared with the time of issuance of the pass, the main online time is extended by an average of 11 months. The longest difference is the fire coin chain. The fire currency was issued on January 24, 2018, but its main online time is expected to be the first quarter of 2021.

After the centralized issuance of certificates in 2017, it became the concentration period of the main chain of the public chain in 2018. A total of 13 public links on the main network, such as the wave field, the original chain, the body and other public chains. The earliest public network of the main network was also a small ant chain. It was launched on October 17, 2016. In the same year, only the small ants were on the main network. In 2017, five public chains, such as quantum chain and bitcoin gold, were launched on the main network. In 2019, it included eight public network mainline networks, including the cloud chain, the coin chain, and Zilliqa.

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The trend of a large number of 2018 main network launches has been seen as a precursor to the trend of public chain technology, but the performance of these public chains in 2019 is not good enough. On the one hand, the public chain of the main network has not been on the landing of the application, on the other hand, the number of new public network and the number of passes in 2019 will definitely fall.

(Cartography: the inter-chain pulse red part is the estimated online time)

The founder learns more computers, and the technical team "gathers" Beijing.

In the field of public chain, the introverts are often technical bulls. The inter-chain pulse has a total of 29 founders in the public chain, of which 16 are technical backgrounds, 6 are entrepreneurs, and there are financial executives, investors, science fiction writers, etc., such as Zhou Feng, the founder of the original Ali Finance. VNTchain, the sci-fi parents and the joint segment of the new star created a more than the original chain.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse)

At the same time, among the founders of the public chain with open academic information, many graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and other institutions, among which the “Tsinghua Department” has the most. TOP Network founder Steve Wei, conflux founder Long Fan, Yilai cloud founder Chen Hao, and fire coin founder Li Linjun attended Tsinghua University.

Perhaps it is the learning experience of the leaders of the public chain. The technical teams of these public chains tend to prefer the location of the school in the choice of “setting camps”. Statistics show that there are ten public chain projects in Beijing.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse)

After Beijing, nine public-chain technology teams chose Shanghai; followed by Hangzhou, and three public-chain technology teams set up camp. The city with the most blockchain application in Shenzhen, only one Walton chain, Walton chain was founded by Chinese and Korean partners Xu Fangcheng/Du Xianghe, and the foundation is located in Singapore. This may be less relevant to Shenzhen universities, which shows the importance of colleges and universities in the development of blockchain technology.

In addition, there are a number of technical support companies and foundations of public chain projects registered outside the country. Companies such as OK Chain are registered in the Cayman Islands, and Zilliqa and Quantum Chain Technology Support are registered in Singapore. Generally, public chain projects can choose not to disclose the address of the foundation, and in a few public information, the foundation is established in Singapore, such as Zilliqa, quantum chain, Bell chain, wave field, public letter treasure, future copyright and so on.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse)

The currency, the fire currency, and the market value of the wave field are leading. The longer the market is issued, the higher the market value?

As of the evening of August 7, among the 36 public link certificates, the highest market value was the currency BNB, the fire HT, the wave field TRX, and the market value performance was 31.43 billion, 10.09 billion, and 10.359 billion yuan respectively. OK Chain Pass OKB ranked fourth with a market capitalization of 7.673 billion. The earliest issued nectar NEO ranked fifth with a market value of 5.805 billion.

The highest single price is the currency BNB, Bitcoin gold BTG, small ant NEO, fire currency HT, notary public FCT, respectively, 202.57 yuan, 21.28 yuan, 58.05 yuan, 109.9 yuan, 2.77 yuan.

As far as the year is concerned, six of the top ten in the total market value are issued in 2017. The total market value of the 16 certificates issued in 2017 has reached 51.9248.7 billion, far exceeding the total market value of the certificates issued in other years. The total market capitalization of the certificates issued in 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2019 has now reached 5.805 billion, 277 million, 2.58.2584 billion and 1.646919 billion yuan respectively.

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Combined with the number of passes issued in different years, the average market value of each pass in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 was 2.902 billion, 277 million, 3,245.4 million, 1,986.6 million and 504.9 million.

Four months from the end of the year, even if Nervos' CKB is on the line, or other public chains have moved, it may not help the Chinese public chain out of the low number in 2019.

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