The DVP hacking line will start soon. Who can win the million prize?

DVP's first anniversary celebration "blockchain security evolution" and offline hackathon officially launched on July 20, preparing a "three-fold ceremony" for the White Hat elite, respectively, online vulnerability mining contest, racking brain puzzle game The offline hacker smashed the final game. Today (August 10th), we finally ushered in an off-line matchup. This event is divided into the first half. The white hats from DVP, PeckShield, Changting Technology and Tencent Zhanyi Lab will share the security issues. In the afternoon, the competition started formally. The first part was the final selection of the loopholes. The second part was the comprehensive competition (vulnerability mining + CTF competition). In the end, the six winners will be contested and the grand prize of 300,000 yuan will be won. . More than 100 contestants in the venue have been eager to try, and Babbitt will broadcast the wonderful performance of this hackathon.