EOSIO Strategic Vision 4: Enterprise Blockchain

According to MEET.ONE, today, Block.one updated the fourth (and final) article of EOSIO's strategic vision: the enterprise blockchain, which focuses on the complex needs of enterprise users and how EOSIO solves them. The main points are as follows:
1. High-Performance Consistent Algorithms In order to meet enterprise-level requirements, high-performance, invariant effectiveness and security are very important, so improving the speed of consensus algorithms is a top priority, and this is our direction.
2. Compliance Solutions We will continue to explore EOSIO's improvements between public and private use to align with regulatory requirements, such as application data in the blockchain, but can be selectively deleted without breaking Blockchain integrity.
3. Create tokens are creating more convenient interfaces to achieve fast release tokens to meet a wide range of practical application needs.
4. Enterprise-level security and security has always been a top priority for EOSIO, and we are considering integrating multi-sign authentication and enabling infrastructure such as hardware keys for block producers.