DVP CEO Daniel: There are four major causes of blockchain security issues

On August 10th, DVP's first anniversary celebration "Blockchain Security Evolution" and offline hackathon were held in Beijing. DVP CEO Daniel said that blockchain security issues are caused by a variety of reasons, mainly in the following four points:
1. Open source features: Blockchain is a core element of building trust through open source, but open source also causes the vulnerability to be exposed more easily and more vulnerable to attack;
2. Insufficient safety investment: The blockchain is in the early stage of industry development, and the industry's investment in the development of the underlying technology is prior to the investment in security;
3. Lack of industry security resources: Compared with the traditional Internet and IT fields, security personnel engaged in the blockchain industry are still a minority. Even if the head project is difficult to get enough resources to build a comprehensive security team;
4. Insufficient safety awareness: Many projects do not have the complete task of building a complete safety protection system in terms of ecological and technological expansion. Users do not have enough knowledge about the security of blockchain products.