DVP White Hat Leader Chris_L: 6 practical safety precautions

On August 10th, DVP's first anniversary celebration "Blockchain Security Evolution" and offline hackathon were held in Beijing. DVP White Hat Leader Chris_L gave six practical personal safety advice:
1. When logging in to a bank, exchange, wallet, etc., always use a secure link with https at the beginning;
2. Mobile devices, computers, hardware wallets and other networked devices are not free to use third-party unknown Wifi;
3. In the case of premise permission, you must install anti-virus software and refuse to "streaking";
4. When an abnormal situation occurs on the webpage or APP, timely confirm and terminate the major operations;
5. Do not open plug-ins, emails, and links that are unclear;
6. Large-scale digital currency assets should be transferred to well-known and reliable cold wallets.