Bloomberg columnist: gold and Bitcoin is not a stable value of savings instruments

Bloomberg columnist Lionel Laurent said today that investors are turning to the gold and bitcoin assets when the market is uncertain, but bitcoin is a strange hedging concept, and gold's history is also uneven. Not uniform. Laurent said that given the frenzied value fluctuations of Bitcoin over the past few years, it is easy for people to laugh at any statement that claims bitcoin stability. Gold is not so rational. Believers believe that the thousands of years of history of gold as an exchange medium show that it will always be in demand and retain value, but gold prices also depend on human psychology and flock-style investment behavior. Laurent added: "Of course, even irrational markets may be used by savvy investors. Adding gold or bitcoin to investors' portfolios (hopefully not) may be to some extent It makes sense, it can increase risk or investment diversity, or take advantage of people's madness. But don't mistake the recent market trend for some kind of evidence that proves the status of gold or cryptocurrency 'stable currency'. Supported by faith, not facts."