Economist Huang Jiangnan: Libra is not only related to China's national interests but also to the welfare of the world.

On August 10th, "Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment" Reading Forum and New Book Launch Conference was held in Beijing. Economist Huang Jiangnan gave a speech on “Digital Currency, Libra and National Interests” and pointed out that Libra will become the world's largest value storage organization when the world is considered to be the best way to store wealth. If the world's currency and wealth are concentrated in this organization, the political power it represents cannot be underestimated. It seems to be a currency issue, which may actually become a political issue. If Libra is really launched, China must also launch a world currency against it. Research, preparation and launch of Libra are imperative. My judgment is: China will launch China's own "Libra" within a month of Libra's launch. Libra is not only related to China's national interests, but also to the well-being of the world.