Economist Huang Jiangnan: China must launch digital currency with Libra at the same time

Babbitt reported on the 10th, on August 10th, at the "Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment" new book forum and new book conference, economist Huang Jiangnan said that Libra is centralized and 100 nodes are still centralized. Who controls these institutions, who controls the world's wealth. Because Libra brings a major change, Libra gives you coins, you have to give Libra money, if people around the world think it is the best way to store, then Libra will become the world's central bank, no interest Globally ask for wealth. Huang Jiangnan said: "It seems to be a currency issue. It may be a national political issue. China will not launch the first international digital currency, but it must be launched simultaneously with Libra. If China launches its own Libra, it will certainly be supported. Otherwise, it is not a disaster in China, but a disaster in the world."