Wang Wei: The emergence of Libra, let the technology circle and the financial circle enter the new "Spring and Autumn Warring States" era

Babbitt reported on the 10th, on August 10th, at the "Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment" new book forum and new book conference, Wang Wei, chairman of the China Finance Museum, delivered a speech entitled "The Game of Financial Innovation and Supervision." He said that truly successful innovations are the result of dialogue and compromise with regulation. The identification of market economy and civilized society is to establish a fair and transparent game environment. Regarding Libra's financial innovation, it is reasonable to pay more attention to scene technology and avoid moral evaluation. Central banks around the world regard Libra as a “significant threat” and do not directly stop it, indicating that Libra itself is legitimate and legitimate. In the game of regulation, Libra's ingenious response has forced the Fed to accelerate regulatory innovation on digital currencies. Wang Wei believes that the business circle, technology circle and financial circle may enter the new "Spring and Autumn Warring States" era due to the emergence of Libra.