Analyst: Bitcoin-related search heat is too low or potentially dangerous on Google Trends

Sensing currency analyst and bitcoin supremeist Joe Saz recently analyzed the technology trends of Bitcoin with Wall Street veteran trader Tone Vays. Analysts compared the price movements of Bitcoin with other indicators such as "buy Bitcoin" search keywords to make predictions about the next move in Bitcoin. Tone Vays said: "We are about to usher in the second highest monthly closing price in Bitcoin history, of course, if we close at the current price." Joe Saz said: "Fundamentally, I just saw this month's closing. As the volume increases, the price looks bullish. As you said, we are approaching an all-time high every month. It seems that we are supported by the short-term moving average… The big probability is that we are just trying to get out of the bear market, and now maybe everyone It’s time to keep accumulating and stop trading. I think this is obvious.” At the same time, Saz and Vays studied the search results for the word “buy Bitcoin” in Google Trends recently and found the search fever to be surprisingly low and said this A phenomenon is very weird.