Report: Gamers' lack of decentralization of non-homologous tokens (NFT)

According to Coindesk, a new report on the emerging ecosystem of blockchain games shows that one of the model's most compelling features—the ability to mix and exchange data between games—has not been realized. The interaction between games is not a completely new concept. Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers series is perhaps the best example of this approach. Blockchain games promise a new paradigm in this area, where players' hard work can be exploited in a game. And transfer to another game according to your choice. In an article published in late July, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures talked about the "scalability" of binding intellectual property in the game to the blockchain. However, according to the data currently available, this "scalability" does not seem to have occurred – at least not yet. Researchers at found that, in general, most players in the NFT (non-homogeneous token) field have only tried one such game so far this year. That is to say, many NFT collectors or gamers will not have a second similar attempt.