California proposes a revised class action lawsuit against Nano involving "the $170 million XRB disappearance issue"

Recently, a revised class action lawsuit against Nano was filed in the northern part of California. There were 11 allegations of malfeasance in the indictment, including “the $170 million XRB disappearance issue”. According to a report on October 23, 2018, the NANO Foundation announced that the plaintiff had withdrawn legal proceedings against members of the NANO Foundation because it was not meaningful to determine the case. US law firm Silver Miller filed a class action lawsuit against Nano on behalf of investors, saying that Nano helped Italy's cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail introduce NANO (XRB) to investors, and then investors valued $170 million NANO (XRB) was stolen, lawyers accused Nano and its core team members are in violation of federal securities laws. The company also said that it has completed the development of its latest version of v16.1.