Analyst: Bitcoin is a hedging tool under the quantitative easing and negative interest rate policy, which can solve the "Triffin problem" in the United States.

According to the Bitcoinexchangeguide report on August 9, US President Trump expressed his disappointment with the Fed on Twitter:

The Fed has gone wrong every step of the way.


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Trump said that the Fed maintains high interest rates, making it difficult for US companies such as Caterpillar [1] and Boeing to compete with other countries "in a fair environment."

If the Fed cuts interest rates without inflation and does not adopt quantitative austerity measures, then the dollar may help American companies win any competition.

In addition, he expressed dissatisfaction when talking about a strong dollar. Trump wrote:

As a president, people thought that I would be excited about a strong dollar, but I didn't!

On August 5, the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar jumped to more than 7 for the first time in 10 years, and then climbed to 7.13. After the renminbi "breaking 7", the United States officially listed China as a currency manipulator, accusing China of using the renminbi to obtain an "unfair competitive advantage" in trade.

Trump told reporters:

To some extent, the United States must compete with China. For 25 years, China has been messing up the United States. I should have done this before I became president.

The depreciation of the dollar has caused US stocks to experience the worst market for the year, but Trump is not worried about the recession:

I have already expected the reaction of the market. In fact, it performed better than I thought. I believe that US stocks will eventually reach a new high. Because China is like our anchor, it is killing us through unfair trade transactions.

Bitcoin: hedging instruments under quantitative easing and negative interest rate policies

In Trump's latest tweet, cryptocurrency analyst PlanB said that a strong dollar that does not pursue quantitative easing or negative interest rate policies is good for the world, but it hurts the US economy.

PlanB said that Bitcoin separates the country from the currency and solves the "Triffin problem" [2] . Bitcoin is an excellent tool for hedging quantitative easing and negative interest rates.

The dollar is a reserve currency, and the status of the reserve currency brings contradictions to the United States. On the one hand, due to the high demand for reserve currency bonds, the United States hopes to have the ability to raise funds quickly and obtain “interest-free” loans by selling money to foreign governments. On the other hand, the United States hopes to use monetary policy to ensure the health of the domestic economy, without large-scale trade deficits, and industries are competitive in the world market.

However, these two aspects – the trade surplus and cheap capital – cannot happen simultaneously. The economic conflict of interest between US domestic and international goals is the Triffin problem.

PlanB said that Bitcoin can solve this problem, and Bitcoin is a “safe haven” for quantitative easing and negative interest rate policies. Although trade wars have intensified and currency threats have become more apparent, Bitcoin has outperformed traditional markets and is increasingly seen as a safe haven.

1. One of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery and mining equipment, gas engines and industrial gas turbines↵

2. A theory: When a country's currency is simultaneously used as an international reserve currency, it may cause conflicts of interest between domestic short-term economic goals and international long-term economic goals.