Xiao Lei: Individuals predict that the central bank's digital currency may be difficult to achieve the expected results

On the morning of August 11, financial writer Xiao Lei wrote on his public account that from the existing information, no matter how many goals the central bank's digital currency has designed, it is actually a process of eliminating cash, but the problem is, no. As a digital currency, cash will gradually disappear. This is a historical trend. The de-cashization of the Chinese market will be faster and faster, and Mu Changchun, deputy director of the central bank’s payment and settlement division, also said that for the common people, the basic payment function is actually the boundary between electronic payment and the central bank’s digital currency. It is relatively vague. The central bank's digital currency is mainly intended for small-scale retail scenarios. It does not have an extrusion effect on deposits. It can avoid the “Yuebao” type of deposit moving, and set transaction limits and balance limits for different levels of wallets. In addition, Xiao Lei also believes that the Chinese central bank should not lose a big deal in designing the official digital currency. If you stare at the domestic people every day, the effect will be counterproductive. In the future, people will try their best to change libra and Morgan. Large currency coins, Wal-Mart coins and other US dollar stable currencies, not the official Chinese digital currency.