Report: Bitcoin can still be considered a very good value storage method despite volatility issues

According to foreign media, Unchained Capital listed some reasons in the report “Bitcoin Is Not Too Volatile”, explaining why bitcoin can be regarded as a very good value storage method despite its volatility. The article stated that the volatility of Bitcoin is one of the distinguishing features of Bitcoin, which only increases the user's confidence in the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin experienced a fairly dramatic price increase in 2019 and throughout its existence. Although critics still accuse market manipulators and whales of pushing up bitcoin prices, Unchained Capital said that the relatively low supply of bitcoin and increasing adoption rates are the direct cause of bitcoin price increases. Volatility does not make any asset an invaluable means of value storage. In the case of the US dollar, the dollar does not seem to fluctuate, but it has been depreciating for decades and is therefore a poor way of storing value. Despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies, their popularity is increasing.