Report: XRP underperformed because of low institutional adoption rates and Ripple's fierce competition

According to the OKEx report "Why is XRP not performing well? Ripple, a payment solution provider, faces fierce competition and any negative impact on the company can easily translate into unwelcome price movements in XRP. The report said that direct competition from big players may put Ripple at a disadvantage. Many large companies want to enter the institutional capital transfer market and may threaten Ripple's business. The Fed recently announced a plan to develop faster payment systems for banks, allowing banks to conduct exchanges, enabling instant and all-day transfers of bill payments, paychecks, and other business transfers. Ripple already has competitors like R3 and SWIFT, and as other startups enter the market, competition becomes more intense. Facebook's LIbra and JPMorgan's JPM Coin may have a negative impact on Ripple's market share and may also affect XRP. Although Ripple is used by more than 100 financial institutions, most do not use XRP as a medium. “This means that the adoption rate of XRP is still relatively low, which does not help any positive price trend of XRP.” Lack of institutional interest is an important challenge that XRP must address. You need to see "whether Ripple can take advantage of XRP in future payment and transaction solution services and spur institutional interest."