Yuan Yuming: The shortage of talent in the blockchain has become a pain point restricting the development of the industry.

Yuan Yuming, dean of the Fire Coin Research Institute, said frankly that the biggest difficulty and challenge we encountered was the shortage of talents, especially the shortage of high-end composite blockchain talents. Yuan Yuming believes that there are two main reasons for this phenomenon: First, the entire industry is still in its infancy, somewhat similar to the Internet industry in the 1990s and early 2000s. At that time, there were very few people who knew the Internet, but now The blockchain is such a state; second, it is more difficult than the Internet industry that the blockchain is a very comprehensive industry involving IT technology, cryptography, economics, finance, etc., so the practitioners are required to have many aspects. Knowledge background. Therefore, the shortage of talent has become a constraint to the development of enterprises, and has become a major pain point that restricts the development of the entire industry. Recently, the reporter learned at the signing ceremony of the blockchain industry talent cultivation strategy cooperation held in Hainan Chengmai Ecological Software Park that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center cooperated with China Fortune and Chain People to strengthen personnel training in the blockchain industry. To jointly build a talent cultivation system for blockchain industry.