Securities Daily: Using the blockchain and other technologies to improve the intrinsic quality of listed companies, the stock market can achieve "bear short cattle long"

The front page of the Securities Daily said that when analyzing the trend of China's stock market, it is necessary to talk about the science and technology board, because the science and technology board represents the future of China's manufacturing, and it also represents the capital market from helping China's manufacturing growth to helping China's high-tech industry to grow. If China's high-tech industry can form a positive interaction with the support of the domestic securities market, the probability of China's stock market going out of the slow-moving market is enormous. From now on, the stock market must shoulder the burden of supporting China's high-tech companies to support these high-tech companies and traditional manufacturing companies, using cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robots and other modern highs. Technology, to create an industrial intelligent network of the Internet of Everything under the new era, to enhance the technological content of traditional manufacturing companies. The technological content of the manufacturing companies has increased, the internal quality of listed companies has also increased, and the ability to withstand external risks has also increased. The rise in stock prices has inherent logic support. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets can only get out of the "short long bear short" market.