Study: Of the 36,636 10-K reports, only 242 reports referred to blockchain or distributed ledgers

Walton Information Systems professor Mary Lacity and others extracted the 10-K report for 2014-2018, and of the 36,836 10-K reports, only 242 reports (slightly higher than 0.5%) mentioned blockchain or distributed classification. account. Most US companies remain silent on the blockchain in the 10-K report, suggesting that the level of participation in the blockchain is not enough to alert investors. The number of blockchains and distributed ledgers mentioned in last year declined. The peak year for a blockchain or distributed ledger is 2017, when 112 companies used these terms. The number of these words mentioned in the 10K report of 2018 dropped sharply, which corresponds to the sharp decline in the value of cryptocurrency. By the beginning of 2019, the total market value of cryptocurrency fell to $134 billion, a drop of nearly 90%. This double decline does not seem coincidental. However, startups that mention the most blockchain/distributed ledgers are certainly financially troubled and their stock prices have fallen sharply.