August 11th market: Bitcoin continues to fall, mainstream currency rebounds, market trend is clear

Today, the market is uncharacteristic, bitcoin selective callbacks, mainstream currency and altcoin currency staged market, many investors can not sit still, began to run into the market.

The mood can be understood. After all, the altcoin that has been quiet for a long time has finally begun to erupt, but the result is not too good. Because, if you want to make money from the altcoin, most of them are destroyed by the altcoin.

The mainstream currency market is also likely to have a day trip situation, and will soon be returned to the original shape, and the high-ranking warriors will find that with the bitcoin callback, the mainstream currency callback will follow.

From the trend of mainstream currency and altcoin, we can find that it is very difficult to make money by speculating these coins this year, especially the altcoin, most of which have returned to the price at the start of the market, and some have even fallen to a lower position.

This situation in the market is caused by many aspects. As long as you can understand this problem, I believe that it will not be confused by this rising illusion.

First of all, this wave of rising news is mostly on Bitcoin. Whether it is institutional funds entering the market, quantitative easing expectations, and international tensions are all linked to Bitcoin, but the impact on other currencies is actually not large. Funds did not flow into these currencies.

Secondly, the market is still in the game stage of stocks. (Following the public number: the big devil in the currency circle) retail investors have not flooded into the market. These can be seen from the Google index, Baidu index, the search index is relatively low, compared to 2017 is far apart.

In the end, the cryptocurrency has become more transparent, and the era of making money with one dollar has passed, and the market has become rational. For some tokens that start with the concept of stacking, they have begun to show their value.

The real money that has soared this year is the currency of playing new routines. The fund disk has become the main force of sucking gold. Therefore, the market value of the subsequent altcoin coins will become lower and lower, and even the risk of zeroing will occur.

After you understand these changes, you should understand how to make money in the circle. The easiest thing is to invest in Bitcoin. Whether it is short-term, trending, long-term, bitcoin will become the best currency, and it will become the norm in the coming year.

The myth of 100-fold coins and thousand-dollar coins will appear, but it can be met. For the average investor, the best way is to repeatedly operate Bitcoin, and believe that the future earnings will definitely outperform the part of the people.

For the mainstream currency, the suggestion for everyone is that you can not chase the bottom. As for when it is the bottom, it is very simple. When most people are shouting back to zero, the more they squat, the more they should buy.

The following analysis of the market with indicators:

From the trend of Bitcoin, it is still in the shock zone of the triangle. After a few days of shock, choose to retrace. On the indicator point of view, the Bollinger Bands began to level off, and the middle rail was around $10,700. It will become a repetitive entanglement position; the MACD green column becomes shorter, and the movement can be observed at the 0-axis; KDJ goes down again and then goes down. The RSI is also low.

Bitcoin's callback is very obvious. Observing the $10,700, MACD to 0-axis, and KDJ's low trend, the three indicators can determine the next trend, and the short-term is still mainly down.

ETH is at the end of the triangle, facing the direction of choice, MACD appears to be bonded, KDJ and RSI both show signs of bottoming out, and the Bollinger Band continues to narrow. In the short-term trend, there may be a small rebound, but from the general trend, it is still bearish, and ETH below $200 will soon appear.

EOS said yesterday that there may be a small rebound on the lower edge of the trend line. Today, it is also a small rebound. Both KDJ and RSI have a golden fork rebound. MACD also has a bond, but this trend is only a short-term change, but The general trend of continued decline has not changed. Therefore, it is the best policy to take advantage of rallies. Remember not to be greedy.

On the whole, I am still bearish. With the performance of Bitcoin in the past two days, it can be seen that the general trend has been basically determined, and the funds in the market are still depressed. Therefore, it is necessary to lighten the warehouse and wait for the opportunity of bargain-hunting. Being too hasty, it is easy to be harvested repeatedly. If you have problems, you can pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle.

This article data source: QKL123