Time Stamp Capital Announces Strategic Investment on the OnTrade Exchange

On August 12th, Time Stamp Capital officially announced its investment in OnTrade.com, the global innovative digital asset exchange, and reached a strategic cooperation with An Yi. Time-stamp capital provides strong support in resource sharing, quality project selection, media cooperation, user diversion, etc., helping OnTrade.com continue its efforts in the direction of digital currency derivatives. Time stamp capital is a professional blockchain investment institution based on Babbitt, focusing on research, investment and consulting services in the blockchain field. It is one of the earliest venture capital institutions focusing on blockchain and digital currency assets. The projects that have been invested include: ontology, FCoin, and the original chain. The OnTrade.com team comes from leading financial institutions such as Morgan, CICC, Firecoin, Kraken and other traditional and blockchains, and is committed to bringing the technology and experience of traditional financial derivatives to the blockchain industry. The most cutting-edge, innovative fourth-generation full-system digital asset exchange.