Investing $500 million is still not stimulating waves? Twitter users expect XRP to reach $1 this year, or expect to hit $5

XRP remains around $0.30 due to the inability to maintain high price levels. It seems that Ripple's XRP has been in place, but Twitter users have the opposite opinion. They are convinced that huge changes are coming, and XRP is only building momentum for the explosive growth of prices. Can Ripple be "to the moon" in 2019? What will drive its unstoppable growth? Let's take a look at Twitter users' forecasts for XRP prices.

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History repeats itself

From the long-term price chart, Ripple may be repeating its history, and the 2019 scenario may also be achieved this year:

"XRP history reenactment – TD.crypto"


If XRP breaks through the current resistance zone, its growth will easily exceed $1. Some traders are convinced that XRP also has enough potential to reach the $5 level.

Is there a specific trigger for the growth of XRP? There are many theories. Among them is the claim that Ripple will destroy its huge XRP reserves to make its price soar:

“Ripple should destroy 50% of XRP supply to increase its price? @crypto_bitlord thinks so, so it launched a petition to Ripple. — fiatleak (@fiatleak) August 8, 2019”


Although the petition has begun, Ripple Labs itself does not intend to destroy its tokens – it may have too serious consequences.

The following is the golden section mode, which proves that XRP may soar:

"Ripple XRP, Euro, time is up"


However, this is only an amateur method: the method of using legal tender may not apply to the competition currency at all.

Better intermediate and short-term forecasts based on traditional technologies, such as the Fib level:

"XRP – technically, the data shows: 'This is it'"

I looked at all the situations: potential bear market, indicators, patterns, fibs time zones, etc. always go back to this scene.

BTC: the first fibs 1.618, support level 0.786, then the next fibs 1.886 (Figure 2)


XRP will not grow overnight

The short-term XRP price forecast is positive:

"Tray or pull the plate"


But simply adjusting to $0.4-0.5 does not have much impact. As for the higher XRP levels, we do not have 100% confidence to reach this level in 2019.

“My confidence in @Ripple is as always. I now know more clearly that one day all financial transactions will run on Ripplenet. However, my price for XRP will rise sharply in the next 12-24 months (5- Confidence of $10) has disappeared.-(@CryptoPennyCO) August 4, 2019"


Don't rush to conclusion

All in all, time will prove whether Ripple can take a groundbreaking move. At present, there is no indication that market volatility will reach its peak. As one Twitter user ironically noticed, Ripple will discuss how liquidity changes before they know the data:

“#XRP#XRPcommunity reminds everyone at the Ripple swell event on November 8 how the liquidity will change. How do they know that liquidity has changed before the change, does this mean that the #XRP month is about to change? Coming. – Lionel (@ leonel46294550) August 8, 2019"


XRP conspiracy theory

This post cannot be ignored:

"You really can't make up for this stray, #Ripple's success plan: 1. Create and pull up the useless $XRP token, while holding more than 75% of the total for yourself to sell to the holder later. Buying stocks of failed companies in US dollars (for example: MoneyGram) 3. Use the news to wake up the "Brain of Brain Death" & Raise XRP – ToneVays [RIP Tyler Jenks] (@ToneVays) August 3, 2019 day"


What we are seeing now is how Ripple Labs manipulates its XRP share and buys and sells XRP to change the value of the currency. Will their efforts have results?

For some reason, XRP is more attractive to other blockchains:

"Tron holders holding 3 million TRX tokens switched to Ripple (XRP) – fiathak (@ fiathak) August 5, 2019"


It seems that they know something that ordinary traders don't know. Does this mean that Ripple is preparing for a major breakthrough? Everything is possible.

At the same time, the bottom level of Ripple is growing year by year:

"Look at XRP like this:

XRP Annual Low 2013 $0.002 2014 $0.0036 2015 $0.0042 2016 $0.0051 2017 $0.0061 2018 $0.25 2019 ? At least 14% a year, and you are still in the game. — XRPQ (@Pho2graph) August 8, 2019” WX20190812-121307@2x

Therefore, Ripple Labs has been implementing its plans, albeit at a slow pace. Therefore, even if this is an unprofitable variant for short sellers, it must be a good choice for long-term investors. Patience is the key.

It's worth noting that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently said that Ripple Labs may be the largest investor in blockchain and encryption. We have publicly announced that in the past 18 months, we have invested (investment) in this area about $500 million.