Former Researcher of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: It is of little significance for the central bank to issue digital cryptocurrencies

Yi Xianrong, a researcher at the Institute of Finance of the former Academy of Social Sciences, said today that the pre-set characteristics of digital cryptocurrencies (decentralization, non-poke, anonymity) in terms of current technical conditions and characteristics of digital cryptocurrency Etc.) It is hoped that advanced technology will be used as a slogan to cover up how to negotiate against legal tender, so that the reality is easy to plunder social wealth. Imagine that these computer-written program geniuses are only computer bits compiled in an algorithmic language. There is no corresponding social wealth, nor is there a central bank for which the credit guarantee, but once it is opposed to the legal currency, it can be converted into billions. Counting wealth. And these wealth seems to have fallen from the sky, in fact, in a predatory way to transfer social wealth. Moreover, if the digital cryptocurrency can be compared with the legal currency, its pre-set presupposition characteristics also make these wealth in the hands of a few people. Currently, the digital currency such as bitcoin currently circulating in the market is actually manipulated by a very small number of people. This is the purpose and core of the creation of digital cryptocurrency. The central bank's digital cryptocurrency does not need to set such a purpose, so it is not necessary to create a central bank digital currency. On the contrary, the central bank is wary that the privately issued digital cryptocurrency may be revived by the central bank issuing digital currency, which will hit the domestic financial market.