Xiao Wei: Digital currency is gradual, and steady implementation is the best policy.

Today, Xiao Wei, director of the Bank of China Law Research Association, said that if China's digital currency adopts a single block of traditional blockchain, it can be imagined that it cannot meet the trading needs of “retail-grade” M0. Therefore, we found that DC\EP adopts a two-tier operating system: the central bank does not directly issue digital currency to the public, but the central bank transfers the digital currency to various commercial banks or other legal operating structures, which are then redeemed to the society. The public is available for its use. From this, we can judge a business opportunity, and in the future, major commercial banks will inevitably compete for “the second issue right of digital currency”. I believe that the future digital legal currency will be highly recommended to the public. I believe this is the trend of the times, and no one can afford to be a car. Xiao Wei said that digital currency is gradual and steadily implemented is the best policy.