Reddit co-founder's fund leads SkyWeaver – "Clyice" planned to participate in the card chain tour

In addition to the meaning of the blockchain and the computer field, if the term Token is mentioned in a non-coin-playing gamer, he will think of a monster in the game king that is not used for deck construction. The card shows the connection between the card and the Token. Card games have a long history and enduring. It is not easy to develop a card game with both gameplay and quality. Just like the most difficult to draw eggs, the most difficult thing to do is egg fried rice. The Gods Unchained and Zombie battlefields, which were highly anticipated, have been used as arguments: the development progress has been delayed, and the pre-sales have exhausted the enthusiasm of the players. Is there a card chain tour that can be played now? We recently found a model called SkyWeaver, which was led and produced by Reddit co-founder Alexis.

Introduction to SkyWeaver

What is SkyWeaver

SkyWeaver is a free browser based on Ethereum TCG, all cards are stored in Ethereum in the form of ERC-1155. Players gain new cards by winning battles and improving rankings. Cards can be given to each other or traded through OpenSea. As Redisit's Co-founder and Cloud9's co-owner Alexis Ohanian said, " I can't wait for everyone to play SkyWeaver. This is a brand new gaming experience where players can relive the fun of childhood collection card games in the browser. You can exchange cards with your friends as you were when you were young. "

The birth of SkyWeaver

SkyWeaver was produced by Horizon Blockchain Games, and the main planner of the game was Game Planning for Magic. In January 2018, the team started the adventure and they wanted to build a more free and open digital world. In this world, players can get props through gameplay and really own them, they can trade with anyone. This is a world created by all players, with an open and shared economy that can pursue dreams and exploration, guaranteeing freedom and fairness.

During the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco in March this year, DappReview CEO Vincent smashed SkyWeaverCTO Ian Ha at the San Francisco venue, and drank a cup of coffee together to get a glimpse of the game's early demo. After months of expectation, I finally waited until now. A highly playable Beta version.

SkyWeaver's game content is very rich, from entry to proficiency must be hard-hitting, DR small partners in the battle dozens of games finally hit the ladder 20th, specifically for everyone to bring SkyWeaver's strategy and evaluation. This article will take you through the introduction guide, game features, advantages and disadvantages, strong cards and other aspects to fully understand this game. Beta test focuses on testing gameplay, balance, user experience, etc., so all cards are Off-Chain. After the official version goes online, the cards will be tokenized.

SkyWeaver Getting Started Guide


1. Both heroes

The hero is the avatar of the player in Sky. Both heroes start with 32 health points. There is no upper limit to the health value. Zeroing the life of any party is a failure. The hero has a base attack power of 1 point, which can attack the opponent's hero and follower, but the hero's attack power only takes effect in the attack round, and will not counterattack when attacked.

2. Hand

The hand is divided into a spell card and a follower card. The player can play with the hero and have independent attack power and health. The spell card is a card that produces certain effects at one time. The two can be easily distinguished from the shape. The monsters on the followers will jump out of the card frame, and the pictures of the spell cards are all inside the circle of the card. Up to 9 hands and up to 6 players (including heroes).

3. Mana

Mana can be used to play cards, and the upper left corner of each card is the required mana cost. In SkyWeaver, each leg begins to add a maximum mana and fills all mana, and the first-hand player balances the first-hand advantage with the back-hand player's initial maximum mana. The mana cost of the card can be changed, the green number means lower than the original mana, and the red is the opposite.

4. Follow the spell

Some followers have their own spells, and the yellow circle in the left card above is the spell it carries. As long as this entourage is present, you can use mana to use this additional spell (just like a hand), but the spell can only be used once, please use it with caution.

Card group construction

There is no occupation in SkyWeaver. Cards are divided into four types: strength, wisdom, love, and agility. Each deck can only be constructed with 1-2 types of cards. A single-type deck can only contain 20 cards, and a dual-type deck can contain 30 cards. Cards are randomly selected after the deck is exhausted during combat (only the types included in the deck)

Strength: offensive, strong followers

Wisdom: Controlled, Powerful Spells

Love: Controlled, powerful Buff

Agile: offensive, quick attack

The filter in the game is very simple and practical

Game process

Start of the round:

Draw a card from the deck

Increase a little maximum mana

Fill all mana

In the round:

Playing a follower or a spell card

Use the following spells

Hero or entourage attack enemy unit

End of turn

Key words

Like all card games, SkyWeaver also has some keywords to describe the consensus information in the game:

Armor: A unit with armor whose life is surrounded by an energy circle and suffered damage-1.

Wither: Has a decaying unit whose attack power is surrounded by black energy, and they also reduce the attacking power of the opponent when it deals damage (invalid for the hero).

Banner: Units with flags will shine brightly, and each flag will provide +1 attack power for the hero.

Guard: The Guardian has a shield-type border, and the hero cannot be attacked when the Guardian is present.

Stealth: Hidden entourage is shrouded in fog, and in the same turn, only attacking heroes can attack them.

Life Steal: The unit's attack power with life stealing is surrounded by pink energy, and it deals damage to enemy heroes while returning the hero's equivalent health.

Glory: A genius with a glory can activate its special effects when attacking an enemy hero.

Death: The follower is defeated and enters the discard pile to trigger its special effects. Please note that some cards will smash (Dust) followers, and the smashed followers will not trigger the death effect.

Play: The special effects are immediately generated when entering the game.

Inspire: Inspiration will require cards of a particular race to trigger the special effects of inspiration cards.

Turn Start/Turn End: This effect is triggered at the beginning of the turn and at the end of the turn.

Mulligan: Discard a certain number of cards and draw an equal number of cards.

Oldest/Newest: Determines the old and new in the order in which the cards are drawn. The leftmost card in the hand is the oldest and the rightmost card is the latest.

Game features

After several actual battles, DR friends found that SkyWeaver has four special features compared to other card games:

Cards have no rarity:

We have repeatedly confirmed that the SkyWeaver card has no rarity, and the value of the card is only related to its strength and supply and demand. Without being affected by rarity, players can get the cards they need faster and restore the most basic fun of card games.

Mana has no upper limit:

Most card games have a mana limit of 10 points, and SkyWeaver's maximum mana can reach 99 points, which brings more fun to later games, and can change dramatically in a round.

No duplicate card group:

Most card games can be placed with a few cards of the same name when they are built. However, SkyWeaver can't add two cards with the same name when building a deck, which increases the amount of thinking and fun of building a deck.

3 charges Wicked Twister entourage, carrying 7 charges Hurricane spell can cause 5 points high damage AOE

Follow the spell:

Followers are the biggest highlight of SkyWeaver. A follower carrying a spell is actually equivalent to two cards, increasing the richness of the hand and the method of solving the field. A deck cannot include a card with the same name, but it can be used to carry a powerful spell with the ability to carry a powerful spell. Since the release of the follower spell requires the first to play the follower card, the cost of using the powerful spell is increased, and the enemy will also preferentially deal with the follower with the powerful spell, which is a limitation on the powerful spell.

Game advantage

The card design quality is high: the main planner is from the designer of "Magic", SkyWeaver card design quality is very high. The current Beta version has 352 cards, and each card has its own unique role. The DR partner can hardly find two cards that can be replaced. Later, I will pick out some powerful cards for everyone to analyze.

The card style is beautiful: SkyWeaver card style makes people look very comfortable, and each card's picture is very suitable for card. SkyWeaver also makes some differences in the shape of the followers and the spell cards, allowing beginners to get to know the game faster. Some cards are still funny, such as "Wolverine" seems to have entered SkyWeaver.

Data statistics perfect: In the Beta version, we can see the statistics of other card chain tours. SkyWeaver can view other players' game information, ladder ranking, deck ranking, player information, deck information, etc., and even You can import someone else's deck directly from the deck code. This is a place that makes DR friends very surprised. As a card player, we are very eager to understand the game environment: what card strength, restraint relationship between decks, and the progress of other players. This information allows players to better adjust their decks and enjoy the real fun of card games . Even successful card games like Hearthstone cannot view this information in the game. SKyWeaver makes people think that it is really a blockchain game, all the data is open and transparent to query, players can also extract some market information from these data, and then buy and sell cards.

High game completion: In the futures "horizontal" chain travel market, SkyWeaver's behavior of not pre-sale direct internal testing is a clear stream. The basic functions of the game have been completed, and players can play the game as long as they have a test code. It is foreseeable that after the test adjustments, the game will soon meet the public.

Small problem with the beta version of the game

The threshold is high: the disadvantage of high card design quality is that the threshold is very high. It is necessary to understand the characteristics and functions of each card. Since the card can also bring its own magic, the information of two cards is concentrated on one card. Before you are familiar with cards, you can do reading while playing. A lot of games are needed to get started.

No Chinese version: Unfortunately, cards are not only complicated but also English. The game nouns are also special. Non-English players are very stressed. However, the project side is already translating the versions, and the cooked version will be available soon.

The battle is sometimes not smooth: after all, it is a web game, and there are a lot of special effects elements in the game, so there is a time when the battle occurs, which is easy to cause some mistakes, but the player can solve the problem by reducing the game performance.

No card dubbing: SkyWeaver does not currently have a card dubbing. Card sound is a very important feedback for the game, which allows the player to have an immersive feel and also allows the player to get familiar with the card more quickly.

Strong card analysis

DR's friends have screened more than 300 cards to pick out some very interesting or strong cards. For the sake of understanding, the blue name is the spell card , and the orange name is the follower card . The follower card will display the attack power and the health value in the form of x/y.

HyDrate: 1 fee, two players draw 3 cards each. The replenishment hand is always the player's favorite, although the enemy player is also added a hand, but the very low cost hardly affects the resources of the current round. For the fast-breaking card group, the hand can be replenished in time to cause damage. For the late card group, the optimal strategy can be obtained first and the first-mover advantage can be obtained.

Cloud Kitten: 1 fee, 1/1, hidden, banner. Follow the spell: Return the oldest card of the other party to the deck and +2 fee. A follower with a flag can give timely help to the scene and destroy the enemy's hand.

Rustacean: 3 fees, 3/2 , armor. Rust Away, 0, removes the target's armor, gains 1 mana armor. It's very difficult to deal with in SkyWeaver. Rustacean can also deal with the opponent's armor and increase his mana.

Dominate: 3 fees, to the target friendly armor, banner, life stealing, decay, the enemy lost these keywords. This magical spell affects two or three followers and earns a lot.

Riptide: 4 fees, 2/5 , hidden, glory: gain the enemy's remaining mana.

The high health value makes it easy for him to live to the next turn to trigger the glory. If the enemy has a certain round of card players being stolen by Riptide, he can directly summon the senior entourage.

Twist & Turn: 5 fees, smash all the followers, and each element is smashed to summon a follower. You can carry some low-cost element cards, use spells to turn these followers into new followers, and you can solve the opposite non-element followers.

Wall of Dead: 6 fees, summoning the zomboid with guards to fill the battlefield. Zombiod, 0 fee, 1/2, decay, deals 1 damage to enemy heroes when you die. If the enemy does not have AOE, then this spell will make him particularly headache, both offensive and defensive.

Akaw: 7 fees, return the enemy target to the hand and return the two oldest cards to the library. Resolve the pressure of the scene while destroying the opponent's hand.

Broodwitch: 8 fees, 1/3, hidden, life stealing, round start: 13 damage to enemy heroes. 8 fee follows only 1 fee to follow the body, which shows that its effect is strong, two or three rounds on the field can kill enemy heroes.

Scryer's Pyre: 8 fees, discard your hand, cause X damage to all entours , draw X cards, and gain X mana. In the case of a lot of hands, there is enough mana to stand up after the clearance.

Draco: 10 charges, 10/10, guard, deals 10 damage to all entours. Unreasonable guard + death AOE, full of defense.

Grave Roil: 10 fees, smash all the death followers, causing X damage to the target affiliation , triggering these death effects (X is the number of smashed followers).

There are a lot of death words of summoning and injury types, and these dead words can be triggered at one time to achieve the purpose of clearing the field and the station.

Payment methods

Project direction We disclose that the official version of SkyWeaver will not take the form of purchasing a card package. Players can use the stable currency to purchase any card at the same price, as well as some cards that are not disclosed in development.