The US Department of Commerce is hiring a computer scientist with experience in encryption and blockchain

According to foreign media, the US Department of Commerce is seeking to hire a computer scientist with "professional" experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to a recruitment information issued by USAJobs, the official government employment portal of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a non-regulatory body of the Ministry of Commerce, it plans to recruit a person who has “set up a blockchain test bed and conduct research experience. Personnel in blockchain technology, encrypted ledgers, and cryptographic contract analysis.” Candidates should also have experience in developing national and international standards bodies for identity management, blockchain, and identity token interoperability standards. Its primary responsibility is to conduct research and development of "emerging and potentially destructive" information technology in information technology laboratories within NIST. It should be noted that this position seems to be temporary, with a maximum period of one year and an annual salary of $137,849-166,500. The application deadline is August 15.