Guangdian Express: already has relevant research theoretical basis and technical reserve in the field of blockchain

Guangdian Express (002152.SZ) revealed on the interactive platform that the development of blockchain technology behind the development of digital currency, extending to the entire financial industry and other fields, will help ensure the safety of funds and information and enhance the overall efficiency of society. Since January 2016, the company has been working on blockchain technology research. In May 2017, it established the Guangdong Virtual Digital and Blockchain Technology Engineering Research Center (the only certified blockchain technology research center in Guangdong Province). In May 2018, Guangdian Yuntong Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. was established. After three years of technology precipitation, the company has already possessed relevant research theoretical foundations and technical reserves in the blockchain field. The company continued to pay close attention to the progress of the central bank's digital currency and made corresponding preparations.