General Manager of Blockchain Technology in Tencent: Tencent Blockchain is a "double-layer three-high" custom architecture

According to media reports, the “invoice folder” function of the enterprise WeChat platform will be launched soon, which can realize the mobile reimbursement and management of blockchain electronic invoices. Li Maocai, general manager of blockchain technology in Tencent, revealed that Tencent has received active guidance from the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau during the project. On this basis, the Tencent blockchain has created a “double-layered and three-high” customized architecture, “double-layered”. It refers to the “double-layered chain” consisting of the core nodes of the tax bureau and various service nodes. The “three highs” refers to the three characteristics of “high security, high availability, high performance”, which can realize large-scale networking and support for thousands. 10,000-level enterprise participation and use by hundreds of millions of users.