What kind of funds can live for a year, but also on the hot search?

The blockchain technology is still slowly developing, and the landing is slightly confused. This year, the money-losing project no longer hits the technology, the XX prize winner, the landing and other gimmicks, but directly exposed the pyramid scheme "March".

There are a lot of MLMs that use the blockchain as a scorpion, but there are not many hot searches.

"Walden Block Dog" won such a "win".

On August 2nd, an app called “Hua Deng Block Dog” sent an announcement to its millions of audiences, stating that due to the turmoil in Hong Kong, the customer service was working normally, before the team moved to Malaysia. The app will pause all events until the 16th reopen.

In the view of the fund "old gun", this announcement is like a police siren that collapsed. This tens of billions of funds is a "slower or later event". It is rare that it has been maintained for a year. According to the public number of Foshan's new affairs, some insiders said that the platform spent 23 billion yuan to run this way, but the figure has not been confirmed.

If it is not named #华登区块狗# on the list of microblogging hot search list, you can hardly imagine that this vacant fund disk has so many users. "Insomnia all night, I have only invested a little money in my hand", "just played, cast 50,000, wait for crazy", "boyfriend has invested more than 100,000, has not recovered, my heart is cold", in In the comment area of ​​Weibo Hot Search, the users who are stuck are holding each other.

For many "dog-raising" users, self-comfort is better than no hope. Before the 16th, all the crash guesses could not be conclusive, and they encouraged each other: "Sit on the 16th, the mentality can not collapse." Otherwise, it is not easy to admit that hundreds of thousands or even millions of them are floating.

But apart from stakeholders, more people believe that the fact that the block dog collapse has been fixed. Before the block dog, the well-known coils with similar patterns, such as Bit Pig and Zodiac, have collapsed one after another. The reasons are different, but they all use the excuse to express the suspension of the upgrade. Their destruction is indicating that the block dog users are not lucky. .

In order to appease the user's emotions, the team reissued the announcement on August 10, emphasizing that No. 16 will be reopened as planned. This announcement is like a pinnacle of the sea, and some of the "tea and rice do not think" users began to delight in the picture, showing peace of mind.

However, before the crash, Plustoken said that it would reopen the market after the crash, but it was not. Will the No. 16 promised by the Huadeng Block Dog really be honored?

What is the block dog?

At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain game of the card collection category became a hot spot, and the block dog was at this moment.

At that time, in the introduction of the freshly baked tall, the team background is very luxurious. The supporting company is called Huadeng Qualcomm (Asia) Asset Management Group. It is located in the world financial center – Hong Kong. It was established in 1998. International investment and project organization management agencies in the field. The user bonus is also very naked: as long as you grab the pet in the game and sell it after the time, you will get a high and stable return, and you will earn it when you grab it.

The reason why it is linked to the blockchain is because the game is aimed at the well-known blockchain pet game "CryptoKitties" and the blockchain pet game products that various Internet giants have launched, including Baidu Leitz, Xiaomi Encryption Rabbit, Netease. Black diamonds, etc., claim that their digital pets, also stored in the blockchain, are unique and unremovable, renewable and add value; not only that, but not only cash, but also digital currency.

Despite the seemingly glamorous background, combined with an anonymous person familiar with the circle, the “block dog” meets all the characteristics of a rim project:

1. There is a threshold for user funds: On the APP, the user needs to register at the dog market, register the certification and activate the account. After booking and matching the success, the deposit will be paid for the dog. The dog has 5 varieties. Prices range from 100-15,000 yuan.

2, drums spread flowers, the proceeds come from the down line: block dogs encourage users to spread: direct push sharing rewards 8%, level 3%; recommended 15 people, personal promotion rewards up to 3000, can be upgraded to promotion ambassadors, rewards higher.

3. High income: According to the introduction of the block dog, the adoption reward is multiple, one is the daily adoption commission, the daily income is up to 1.5%-5% of the legal income; the second is the token reward, including the well-known currency dog ​​DOGE And the equivalent of Walden Qualcomm – Huagao Chain WIAC; three for promotion incentives; four for sales incentives, after the expiration of the smart contract (funded enough time), the dog will be forced to sell, to obtain income.

The user does not understand: how can it collapse?

Mu Lei joined in May this year. He has been observing the "block dog" for some time. He knows that the "block dog" is a fund, but it is different from the project that has been thundering in the past few months or even a few days. The block dog survived longer than he had imagined.

At the beginning, I voted for 8w. In two months, Murray returned to the book. The income is increasing steadily. Murray, who wanted to play with a hand, decided to take another risk. The second time Murray grabbed hundreds of thousands of block dogs in one breath and waited for a chance to turn over again.

But after spending a month, the APP was temporarily closed. If he counts his first earnings, Murray still loses tens of thousands.

(The early visitors were the "Walden Block Dogs" highlights that were pulled down the line)

He has been "brainwashed" many times before entering the market. At that time, the propaganda said that the user is a peer-to-peer transaction, the transaction amount does not go through the platform, the platform revenue comes from the differential that the reserved dog needs to consume; and the ratio of six to one to grab the dog can make the dog always in short supply.

Today, Mu Lei can't figure out why, why does the platform collapse?

The specific code of the project is difficult to understand. Whether the peer-to-peer transaction has not been known; Moreover, those who are familiar with the operation of the fund disk told the Odaily Planet Daily that the operation of many fund disks is also very “decentralized”, the funder, the trader and the regional manager. All of them are users themselves, but they come early, plus the account permissions are different, such as the right to withdraw cash, the benefits of eating more than a few layers of offline. Not to mention that the trader knows that the plate is about to collapse, and the reason for cashing out as soon as possible.

It must be said that the design of the block dog is quite "long-term". It not only locks the holding period through the "dog keeping period", but also uses the snapping mechanism to create a hunger marketing atmosphere, slow down the plate expansion speed and extend the duration.

However, the plate cannot grow at an infinite rate.

The beginning and the end of the crash: the dog is no longer in full swing, and the income is rising.

Shake was discovered in July.

On July 19 this year, the old cannon "Chestnut Ma Ma" in the circle of the circle was announced in the circle of friends in the circle of friends, and reminded the circle of friends to pay attention: "A project is better, changed the rules, should be a little risk-conscious."

Five days later, he once again noticed the strangeness of the dog in the Huadeng block. During the time when the block dog opened, the speed of the crowd began to slow down, which was no longer the same as before. He once again reminded that this was an early warning of the crash, selling more people and robbing fewer people.

Not only did the chestnuts be noticed, but the old cannons smelled the scent.

In the month, the media “Black Alliance” has learned about this project. According to the website, Hong Kong does have Walden Group and Qualcomm Group, but there is no Walden Qualcomm Group. In addition, there is no official APP for Huadeng Block Dog. The performance of the official website is also very suspicious. The article concludes: "Although the model says that there is no static benefit from pulling people, but at the same time propagating the development of the lower line can get higher returns, the essence of which is to remove the east wall and make up the wall of Ponzi. The scam, which has been suspected of pyramid schemes, is the simplest and most rude money."

But at that time, the public number did not believe the public, the highest praise of the comments all denounced the author is to write a black manuscript: "Please do not mess with black", "currently has been running 250 days to talk about running."

In fact, to give users enough confidence, on July 26, the project currency WIAC did start pre-sale on the cryptocurrency exchange Bit-Z, starting at 0.3 yuan, limited time to buy, up to 15 yuan And open DKKT and WIAC trading pairs. DKKT, DKK Token (DKKT), is a token based on the stable value currency Danish Krone (DKK), 1 DKKT = 1 DKK.

However, on the 2nd of August, on the 2nd of the WIAC and USDT trading, the block dog issued a statement. Due to the situation in Hong Kong, the headquarters was temporarily transferred to Malaysia, which not only caused the WIAC to fall, but also caused the “believers” to start the night. insomnia.

For a time, the black manuscript was revealed. The IP address of the company's Huadeng Qualcomm, which was displayed by the media, was displayed as the server of Aliyun Shenzhen, which proved the company's fake packaging, and then inquired about its domain name record: Dalian Feicheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Prove that the Hong Kong company is false.

From the first day of the announcement, Linger frequently forwarded the good luck blog on Weibo. She invested 20,000. She is still a stud for her still student status. However, compared with the huge pool of funds, 20,000 is insignificant. There are 500,000 individual investors who have claimed to have suffered heavy losses from the media. In the screenshots of Weibo users releasing rights groups, even investors can find that they have invested in 100. Wan blood has no return.

Perhaps "Yang Beyond" played a role, Linger opened the app on August 10, and was delighted to discover the team's new announcement. The new announcement indicates that the block dog will be adopted on the 16th, but the following adjustments will be made: the peer-to-peer transaction will be closed, the channel will only allow blockchain assets, and the WIAC will be open for exchange. The WIAC is also affected by the positive effect of the announcement. It has risen to more than 7 yuan.

She took out the picture and happily called "I am bullish", and I can't get the total amount of money.

On that day, there were more than a Linger on the big stones. In the rights group, on the social networking site, "Miracle Returns", "The Return of the King", "I finally waited for you", "Those who said that the face of the crash hurts" became part of the quilt user. The victory horn, the degree of peace of mind seems to have returned.

Can you really return the king?

Although the announcement of the block dog suspended the turmoil of user sentiment.

However, its announcement of the reopening on the 16th has also become the center of doubt.

After all, in the near future, such false promises abound.

On the Plustoken, the recent collapse of the tens of billions of funds, the voucher opened a few days later, eventually became the controller's bad news controlled by the police.

Then the timeline was brought closer, and the "Morgan Bit Pig" exposed by Jiangsu TV Station, the fund table that claims to be 28% of the proceeds, also showed signs of collapse in early July, and announced the announcement that the hacker attack was suspended, but the agreement was opened. On the date, the users only waited for the absurd announcement that the dissolution of the various amaranth groups was dismissed because it could not be compiled .”

Also similar to the same is the "Lucky Zodiac", announced on August 6 that due to hacking, will stop operating for 15 days, also exposed by the TV station. According to statistics from the media, the amount of victims is as high as 8 billion, and the number of individual investors is up to one million. At present, it has been renamed as "Zodiac Paradise" and continues to deceive.

For the block dog's outage, the blogger named Zhihui said that there are four possible situations: the first type of emergency fund team evacuation, the need for capital injection, the formation of influence by the currency listing, began to look for big The funding team handed in the access note, and the general cycle is between 2 weeks and 3 weeks. The second is to flush the black, borrow the currency and then the money laundering exchange currency transactions are anonymous, so the recovery of the investigation will increase the difficulty of obtaining evidence. The third is to increase the amount of users, suspending the disk to trigger the illusion to make the imitation disk self-confluence, and subsequent drainage attracts users to prevent the subsequent layout from proceeding normally. The fourth bulletin stated that the force majeure factor caused the short-term opening.

In the previous submission of the Odaily Planet Daily, an anonymous project with a lap has also said that the practice of changing the channel to the channel is not uncommon in the circle. As a project, there are short-term and long-term practices. Pull the plate to directly cash out; long-term players can buy back and destroy, to achieve currency appreciation, delay the crash speed.

Although the above speculation is not lacking in pessimism, there are still optimistic prospects.

However, chestnut hemp is more pessimistic. "If you play the project for so long, you have never seen a plate that can be revived." He said that the resurrection plate is not a good thing. In previous experience, cashing may be needed. Invest more money .

Some insiders pointed out that the recent collapse of the pet-developing blockchain game, he said, when a plate comes out with many imitations, it will definitely divert traffic. The emergence of imitation discs is definitely to give more tempting conditions to attract the flow of funds from other dishes, so the overall profit and the ratio (the marketing term, the proportion of money allocated to users) will be more Competitiveness, after the above two situations occur, unless there are more people transfused into the market, the entire sub-sector will have a shortage of funds, all the plates will have insufficient blood supply, and then they will collapse.

Murray’s mentality is okay. He heard the news that some people jumped from the building and sighed and said: Playing the dishes is to understand the high-risk and high-risk risks. The key is to lose, and the mentality is very important.

(Murray, chestnut Ma Ma, Linger are all pseudonyms at the request of the parties)

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