ChainNode live room 丨Kiana: The super node of D network is more sustainable than EOS

DigiFinex co-founder Kiana said in a guest at the ChainNode live broadcast tonight that D-Net's recently launched "Super Node" program is not only for the convenience of users, but also for more incremental users to feel the blockchain dividend, participants Up to 30% annualized income, as well as continued candy airdrops. She said that the benefits of the EOS super node are derived from the issuance of tokens. In this inflation model, the market needs to pay for the proceeds. In contrast, the D-network super node is different from the node on the chain. The total amount of platform DFT is fixed and has been destroyed. It is a deflation model, and the value of the token will continue to increase. Moreover, the D-network super node is connected to the ecological Downstream, it can attract more funds, retain users, and be more sustainable.

During the live broadcast, DFT quickly rose 11% in 15 minutes and is currently reported at $0.8091. Welcome to click on the link to watch: