ChainNode live broadcasts the old exchange of Digifinex how to open a new world of trading?

At 7:30 tonight, DigiFinex co-founder and former vice president of Baidu's technical department – Gao Yan valued "Dayu" Kiana (Shi Leqi) will be a guest at the ChainNode live room, together with the host, the big D network rushed to break through.

On the exchange track, how can the encryption exchange break out in the fast-paced killing? What is the secret weapon of DigiFinex in the short period of one year? In the big tide of the bear market, the black horse staggered all the way and entered the first echelon of the exchange? What are the advantages and plans of the upcoming Super Node Program?

Friends who participate in the live broadcast can also get 31 awards from D-Net. The live broadcast begins immediately, welcome to click on the link to watch: