Analysis of the market: Bitcoin continued to fall, the mainstream currency fell back, when can the bottom?

Bitcoin continued to fall, hovering around $11,300, and there is a tendency to continue to fall in the evening. Investors should be alert to the risk of callback.

Today, BCH once rose to drive the market upside, but it was quickly suppressed by the top and opened the fallback mode. This is Zhuang want to test, but soon found that can not penetrate the pressure level above, choose not to attack.

In fact, EOS has also seen the same scene a few days ago, but in the end it is also a failure to return. There may be trial movements next, but it cannot change the market trend.

Bitcoin is still the backbone of the market. If it does not fall, the market is not at a high risk, and once it falls, there may be a one-sided decline. Therefore, it is true that you always pay attention to the trend of the pie.

Regarding the current investment varieties, I don't recommend the big cake. In the short term, the pressure above the big cake is obviously greater than the mainstream currency. Therefore, if you want short-term hype, I suggest avoiding the big cake, but if you want to take a long line, the big cake Still the best target, unique target.

But I found that most people like to do short-term, earn a little today, lose a little tomorrow, and the final result is not ideal. I talked about the short-term operation method today. I personally think that it is most important to do three short-term.

First, learn to choose coins. If you are short-term, it is especially important to choose coins. Be sure to choose a strong currency. Whether it is strong or weak, you must choose the "leading" currency, and do not choose weak currency. (Follow the public number: the big devil in the currency circle) Many short-term people make a mistake, choose those low-end coins, and commit short-term taboos. Short-term attention to "short and fast", we must choose the most fierce currency that rises, only to eat meat.

Secondly, do a good stop loss, remember to do short-term, do not make short-term, into the medium-long line, the consequences will be very serious. Many investors just started to do short-term, but the quilt is not willing to cut the meat, the final result is very miserable, the deeper the set. Short-term must stop loss, avoid.

Finally, the mentality. People who are short-term must be decisive, don't want mother-in-law, suffer from loss. If you are such a character, don't make short-term. Be sure to be confident in short-term, buy at the point, and sell at the psychological price.

Do a short-term job to make these three points in order to make money, in order to be a qualified trader, or just to send money to the market. Later, I will talk about the difference between doing trend and doing long-term.

Below, use the indicators to analyze the following market:

Bitcoin is still inside the trend triangle and starts to callback without major changes. From the indicator point of view, the Bollinger Band is slightly open, the price is above the middle rail, and the lower support level of the Bollinger Middle Track is around $10,800. The MACD begins to weaken and immediately forms a dead fork; KDJ is already dead, and the RSI is also below. The market is at a stage of weak consolidation. The indicator is weak and there is room for further weakness.

Bitcoin's temporary investment value is not large, short-term evasion, the medium and long-term layout can wait for two days to see the situation.

ETH reached the end of the triangle, but still did not choose the direction, indicating that the trend is very entangled, linked bitcoin. After the rise of KDJ, it began to fall again. The RSI showed a slight increase, and then fell back, forming a dead fork; the MACD dead fork was just around the corner, and there was a bond; the trend was weak.

ETH wants to bottom out and can wait for less than $200. It is only a big drop and you can wait patiently.

The trend of EOS is going up, but the amount can shrink, MACD is glued, RSI pulls high and then falls back. KDJ is also falling back, the market is starting to weaken, and Bitcoin is linked. It belongs to a staged strong currency, but it still cannot get out of the independent market.

On the whole, the market is weak, and it is still difficult to get out of the effective independent market in the short term, to avoid risk, continue to wait and see, wait for opportunities, and more investment advice can pay attention to the public number: the big devil.

This article data source: QKL123